HTC upgrading Rogers Magic to Android 2.1, Dream not so lucky

There has been much talk about the first revolutionary customers that took advantage and bought the Rogers HTC Magic and Dream. With this they forayed into new territory and blazed the way with Google’s new Android 1.5 operating system.

With new upgrades being preformed around the world, customers were waiting patiently for word on when they can expect to get new version 1.6 or even the upcoming 2.1. A few weeks ago on the HTC website it was communicated that no updates were planned and 1.5 was stable enough.

Today we got word official word from HTC that they have “reevaluated” and upgrades are on the way by mid-year. Looks like the Magic will be upgraded to 2.1 and for those who purchased the Dream it “will not be developed beyond the next Android 1.5 update.”

Here’s what we received:

“While there has been a lot of confusion regarding software updates for these devices – we want to make sure that everyone knows that Rogers has been pushing hard to ensure the best possible outcome for all customers who have purchased an HTC Dream and Magic. Although we previously announced that we did not plan an upgrade to either device, we have reevaluated based on Rogers request and agreed to move forward.

First, we will be implementing an update for the 1.5 OS to both the HTC Dream and HTC Magic in the upcoming weeks. These will offer a number of benefits for these devices, including bringing the HTC Sense experience to the HTC Magic, although the OS version will remain 1.5.

By mid-year, HTC will issue an upgrade to Android 2.1, including the highly acclaimed HTC Sense experience for the HTC Magic.

However, due to certain limitations on the HTC Dream, the software path for the HTC Dream will not be developed beyond the next Android 1.5 update. While we regret not being able to offer the same updates to both devices, by bringing this upgrade to the HTC Magic, we are delivering the best solution possible given the situation at hand.”