HTC upgrading Rogers Magic to Android 2.1, Dream not so lucky


  • Mathieu

    Good news … for the Magic.
    Regarding the Dream, it looks like that some people already manage to run Android 1.6 and higher on the device … but not Rogers!

  • Fobok

    That makes me actually consider getting a Magic. I’d originally dismissed the idea because I’d be stuck on 1.5, but this might make it worth considering.

  • Dave

    A great win for the members of the various online groups & forums who’ve been pushing for this – congratulations guys!

    Also, well done HTC & Rogers for finally “getting it”. Shame it took so long.

    But will Rogers be learning from this and pushing LG for updates for the LG Eve, and will they stick by users over time as newer versions become available?

  • Christian

    YAAAAAAAAAaaa this is amazing news

  • Dale

    Anyone have a link to a guide I can use to root my Rogers Dream (with stock firmware)? I don’t want to be stuck on Android 1.5 for the next year and a half…

  • theninjasquad

    I don’t see why they can’t update the Dream to at least 1.6 since they have in other countries. That really leaves the Dream users screwed over.

    And the only reason Rogers started pushing HTC to do this is because their customers were berating them for an update. Otherwise, Rogers seems quite content to just stay the course and leave the phones as they were.

  • wd

    Hmmm… sounds like bad news to me. Most people I know bought the ‘Dream’ because it had a keyboard. Basically Rogers and HTC are keeping their customers in the dark agess.

    I wonder what the ‘certain limitations’ issue really is?

  • theninjasquad

    I think the only limitation on the Dream is it has less onboard memory, so it might not be able to handle the file size for the new OS. However 1.6 would fit fine on there, so I don’t know why they don’t at least upgrade Dream uses to that.

  • Clement

    why would they go an do the dream before the Driod Eris and the Hero?

  • chrisyak


    Was away on holidays whole this was going on and came back to what i feal is a win for magic users which is great for them!!!

    But this is a kick in the teeth for Dream owners!!!!

    Rogers/HTC needs to come up with a solution for the unhappy Dream owners cause this is not it!!

    Dream owners are left to rot…. Rogers/HTC need to come up with a better solution then this i am actually suprised that they would make this announcement fully knowing they have more a less left the Dream Users without any chance of support or compensation for the companies mistakes with this hardware.

    I think i am much more angry then before …….is this the best Rogers and HTC could come up with……just terrible….

    This not a answer to the HTC Dream problem and time to get the media more involved in this……They have opened a new can of worms….

  • Pedro

    If only we had firm dates on this??? I hate the rogers guessing game..

  • Duane

    That sounds good for Magic users. But Dream folks should at least get 1.6 and what the heck does mid-year mean? i’m sure mid year will turn into early 2011.