WIND “chatting” to bring Nexus One to Canada


  • Nate

    I’m not going to buy it from Wind, but I’m SO going to buy it as soon as it’s available in Canada…and then use it on Wind’s network.

  • Shaun

    I’d so buy it but I’d have to get it with Bell considering it’s over 800 bucks to get out of my contract. If wind wants to bail me outta my contract, I’d be happy to sign with them. Oli oli oxen free!

  • Hugo B.

    That would be a big disappointment with wind only serving TO… We can just hope that if they do get their hands on it, it won’t be an exclusive!

    That would be poor market placement on Google’s part.

  • Gussy

    Wind don’t just serve TO. The are in Calgary too. Van, Ottawa, Edmonton all to come this year. For a new company, growth is sure to come, as more people sign, more coverage comes too.

  • Nadeem Khan

    @Hugo B.

    If google was interested in better market placement, the would’ve introduced the phone in Canada too given how FCC regulations in US are almost ditto of Canadian, and ALL big wireless providers in Canada are GSM.
    The only LOGICAL reason i can think of google not introducing Nexus one in Canada is to avoid the apple’s blunder of not being able to meet demand.

  • Nadim

    Man this deal should been done long ago. Wind fails here in this department imo.

  • Joe8448

    If WIND can lock this phone down then they’ll be sitting in a very good position.

    Right now their smartphone selection is lackluster for anyone who’s not interested in a Blackberry.

  • Wayne Mohah

    Idiots. The iPhone is better in every conceivable way. I’ll be sticking to the God Phone, thank you very much!

  • Alex

    It’s crazy what marketing can do eh?

  • Mitchell

    Nexus One > iPhone.

    Anyways, Google launched the Nexus One on T-Mobile first; the smallest national carrier in the US.

    I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt for them to launch it on WIND.

  • matt

    This is all b/s…. WIND is doing all they can to generate any positive spin for their brand. Nothing bud bad news so far… Lacavera is a jerkoff too

  • Joe

    As long as they fix the port block issue.

  • skbjah

    Matt, I take it your work for the competition lol, can you give us some reason why he’s a jerk off and i want facts and not hearsay

  • Jim Simbo

    Wind should have no problem getting the Nexus. Lacavera has a sister who works as senior counsel at Google so Wind has ties. Be patient as Wind will grow in Canada. You haters need to chill and find something better to do. Matt, you have no cool what you are talking about. None. I would shut it while you are ahead because you comments have no merit.

  • Jim Simbo

    I need a coffee. Matt you have no CLUE and shut it while you are ahead. Or you should go try and start a new wireless carrier in this country.

  • Hugo B.

    Ok… Wind is… well alot of wind and little substance so far. Plan-wise, they really aren’t delivering on their promises and anyone living in the suburbs of covered cities would probably end up paying more with Wind than other national carriers. That may change, things may improve, etc… but so far there’s not much to cheer about, it is alot of spin (from the sounds of comments above, good spin too….)

    I have no trouble cheering for the underdog if the underdog delivers. We’re not there yet.

  • mark

    considering wind mobile went through tons of hoops to launch (thanks to telus) and the nexus wasnt probally in the radar when they were talking with manufactuers to secure devices to launch with. i mean the tech sector only heard of it very recently and rumours were flying around if it would be availble, who would carry it etc

  • Lindsay

    I spoke with WIND they are building their own towers, not using another carrier’s tower to provide service.

    Give Wind a chance there are new.

  • MSk12

    welcome the next Plam pre !

  • nick

    you really think that a Vendor that sales 5000 over 3 weeks in Q4 has a chance of getting the Nexus, come on, i am sure the big 3’s will purchase 100K units per order, dont see why Google will sale 2K units to wind, same reason why the Iphone is not with Wind….

  • mike

    i think they are releasing the nexus one in may and it will probably be cheaper than the u.s version

  • Gus

    Nick, you do understand that Wind does not have to buy the Nexus One for sale. Google is selling the phones UNLOCKED. You buy the phone directly from Google, and buy the service from Wind, or whoever has the network support in place.

    This now becomes a true customer service model. If a telecom provides bad service, limits access, or is monitoring my usage. I take my phone and go somewhere else.

    Right now Bell, Rogers, Telus, AT&T are all hoping Google fails. No more lock ins. The same level of freedom we have gain because of the internet, we now have with the Google phone. We do not even have to use their services, If you are a Yahooer, then user Yahoo. An UNLOCKED phone is a game changer, it’s a new level of freedom for consumers. And a lot of CEO are hoping it fails.