Bell: “maximum of two iPhones per client… unless a security deposit is paid”

iphone3gs16gbSince Bell launched their new HSPA network they have also joined the ranks of selling the iPhone. It also seems that Bell is dropping the iPhone hammer sort of speak and limiting the number people can purchase.

We received an document that goes into effect today titled “Maximum of 2 iPhones per client unless a security deposit is paid” and it reads that a mandatory security deposit of $200 is required. It reads:

“The launch of the Apple iPhone at Bell has generated tremendous interest and activations since its launch. As a high level of iPhone sales activity continues to be anticipated during the holiday season, effective immediately, a maximum of two iPhones per client is permitted (unless a security deposit is paid). Clients who have already activated 2 or more iPhones on a Consumer – Personal type account, and are attempting to activate another iPhone, will have a $0.01 Security Deposit added to their account along with the following special instruction, which will cause the application to “left-turn” to NCS: “All additional iPhone activations require a $200 Security Deposit per unit upon activation. No exceptions.”

You buying 2 or more Apple devices?
(Thanks Informer!)