Google on mobile searches: “…roughly doubled in a year”

IMG_0300At the Le Web conference in Paris, TechCrunch sat down with Marrissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search Product and User Experience. She had a few interesting comments regarding the staggering growth of mobile search, the rumoured “Google Phone”. In addition, I was surprised to read that she has an iPhone and not a device running their Android platform.

TechCrunch: By the way, thank you for showing me your Google Phone backstage.

Marrissa Mayer: I didn’t, that was my iPhone. And you know I can’t comment on speculation.

TechCrunch: Let’s talk mobile search. How important is that to Google, I mean, what percentage of searches get made on mobile?

Marrissa Mayer: I’m not able to share specific numbers, but it’s definitely growing. The percentage is going up, and even roughly doubled in a year.