Unreleased Keybo 2 available at Best Buy for $99.99

bb-lg-keybo-latest-imageWe’ve seen the upcoming LG Keybo 2 a number of times over the past few days: in advertising and even on the corporate LG website. TELUS has yet to release this full QWERTY texting gem but it seems that our friends over at Best Buy want a head start and decided to put this for sale early. Previous Best Buy advertising showed this being priced at the following prices: 3-year contract is $129.99; 2-year contract is $229.99; 1-year contract is $279.99 and Outright for $329.99.

However, on their website today it says “This product is only available in-store” and available for $99.99 on a 3-year, and $299.99 outright. Certainly like the way it’s heading though… price drop even before an official release. Possibly TELUS might release this earlier as is targeted for a launch date of August 7th.

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