Unreleased Bliss and Keybo2 show up on LG website


  • 2real

    so far this phone has sucked for me. Hard to text with and to make outgoing calls. All i can do is answer calls. phone freezes and is slow. the bell store told me i was the first to buy this phone and they have no user feedback. Funny, the phones already been out a couple weeks and i'm the first to get it at their store???..now i know why.

  • Fred

    I hate this little phone of mine. This LG Bliss is a wanna be iphone that can’t do anything. It’s probably the same reason why bell’s not advertising it much either. They know LG gave them one big crap of a product.

  • Jeff

    I do not understand why people are comparing this phone to an iphone. It is not a data device and therefore it is like comparing apples to oranges. For people who think this is going to have the same functionality as an iphone, it is clear that they are going to be disappointed. This is a phone with a great mobile browser that, in many instances, allows you to view websites and have them appear the same way as they would on a computer.

    If you want your phone to be able to text, make phone calls and view webpages or email through the mobile browser then this is an excellent choice.

  • Jesykah

    i love my lg bliss. yeah it freezes when i’m texting but only when i’ve been texting a million miles a minute for hours at a time. i know how to fix it. even though i go through us cellular i work for sprint and i have to say that this phone is better than any phone i’ve ever had and better than any sprint phone that i’ve sold or come across. it does what i want when i want no matter what and the video quality is awesome. i seriously have NO complaints.

  • anonymous

    i’m making the switch from att to verizon and i’m debating between the bliss-keybo2-lg, the env3 blue, and the env touch would you help me decide?