Globalive on latest TELUS CRTC request: “I am very concerned”

tonyGlobalive Chairman Tony Lacavera wrote a post on his WirelessSoapbox site titled “TELUS Maneuvering”. Earlier this week it’s known that TELUS went to the CRTC and asked for “Directions on Procedure”, basically wanting insight into their upcoming business plans and possibly delaying their official launch… to which Globalive declared TELUS of “game playing”.

Lacavera wrote “Good morning everyone,I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date about some of the latest developments related to the CRTC’s review of Globalive’s ownership structure, which was announced last week. On Friday TELUS asked for additional rights to intervene. I am very concerned about their request; these additional rights, known as “Directions on Procedure”, may provide TELUS access to Globalive’s business plans and more worrisomely may prolong the CRTC review. All of this may delay Globalive’s launch.

Since I started Globalive ten years ago we’ve been committed to the Canadian consumer and that commitment extends to our proposed wireless offering. Industry Canada’s ownership review concluded that Globalive met all telecom ownership requirements. I have said publicly that Globalive has nothing to hide, we are looking forward to the CRTC’s public review of our ownership. The CRTC does not require any additional involvement from TELUS that is simply aimed at increasing the length of the proceedings, and thereby delay Globalive’s launch”

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