TELUS HTC Snap & Touch Pro2 dummy phones arrive


  • Matthew Daye

    C'mon already Telus, I haven't had a cell phone for a week. Cancelled my Rogers account for this phone!

  • Rich

    At first I was in a rush for the release, but it suits my interests to wait for the student plans.

    Then again, the sooner it's released, the sooner the developers can work on bug fixes.

  • Jessie

    Let's go Telus! Touch Pro 2 NOW!

  • Jared

    So here it is guys. The release date is tomorrow. I noticed that if you go into the coming soon page on Telus's website, you have the option to by it (don't). So I called Telus, and after being transfered between three diferent people, someone was able to tell me that its being released officially tomorrow. Being able to buy it online now is an error, and you'll end up $600 short and without a phone until you and Telus can sort things out, which will probably be well after everyone else has theirs. I'll also put to rest the rumour that it's $100 cheaper than the original Pro. It's the same price.