Koodo Mobile rates increasing Monday

koodo-rate-changesBack in June we let you know that Koodo Mobile was changing their “Serving Size 100″ rate plan effective July 20th (this coming Monday) that is essentially giving you less minutes for the same price … so if you’re considering Koodo make sure you sign up before the changes officially take place.

In addition, the document says “look out for more new and exciting plans coming on July 20, 2009″. Low and behold here is a list of what coming Monday:
– Caller ID increases to $6.00
– Voicemail increases to $6.00
– Koodo to Koodo $5.00
– Value pack is still $12.00 (now includes Koodo to Koodo)
– New $25.00 plan which gives 150 day time minutes, up to 50 text messages, 7:00pm Evenings & Weekends

Via: HoFo