iPhone 3GS in Canada: “tens of thousands” sold

iphoen-3GSWith the iPhone 3GS being launched in Canada almost a month ago now how are you finding it? Liking it? Loving it? Are you having a bit of trouble finding one or are you able to score one easily?

From our sources we’ve been hearing estimates that Rogers and Fido have somewhere sold in the range of 30,000 iPhone 3GS units and that demand is much stronger for the 16GB than the 32GB version. However without giving exact numbers, Rogers Spokesperson Keith McArthur stated “We’ve sold tens of thousands of iPhone 3GS units through Rogers Wireless and Fido. Demand for the iPhone 3GS in Canada has been very strong and we’re working with Apple to get a 3GS to every Canadian who wants one.”

I’m sure official numbers will be released when this quarter comes to an end.