TELUS HTC Snap launching July 15; TOUCH Pro2 July 21?


According to “SomeDevil” who left a comment yesterday in the Best Buy Mobile article we posted about the HTC Snap and Touch Pro2, states that the “Snap will be $29.99 on a 3 year contract, and Pro2 will be $249. Both will be world phones…Also, Snap will release on the 15th of July, the Pro2 shortly after (within the month)”.

More confirmation of these upcoming devices has been noticed by Michael at BGR stating the same price points but with the Touch Pro2 having a launch date on the 21st of July. The Snap seems priced to sell at $29.99, hopefully it comes in at that price.

For TELUS this will make a great July and greatly improve their lineup as for the past several devices have only been entry level ones. If you had to choose, which one woud you go for – The upcoming BlackBerry Tour, HTC Snap or Touch Pro2?