Mobile advertising to reach $376 million by 2012

PricewaterhouseCooper has released a new survey called “Convergence Monitor: Personal Mobility”. It doesn’t tell us anything really new except that we will be slammed with more advertising on our smartphones in the coming years.

The survey looks into how popular smartphones are getting and how advertisers are finding out new ways to get info on our social trends, fashion and how they can maximize our impulse purchases. About 85% of 7,400 respondents have one or more mobile phone and that even though the economy is a little shaky consumers have not cancelled cellphone plans. With this said, PwC Director of Emerging Technology, Dr. David Jacobson believes that the smartphone will emerge as the “out-of-home advertising device of choice for the next decade” and will reach $376 million by 2012.

He states “It is now recognized that successful advertising means not only capturing an audience’s attention but also, and most important, capturing a person’s intention (to buy, to travel, to choose a restaurant). The intimate nature of the smartphone coupled with its increasingly high-quality colour display screen is being recognized as a powerful mechanism for capturing the intentions of the specific user who has made known his/her interests and preferences. Advertisers might want to reconsider where they are putting their ad spend – where people are looking and spending.”

Some other key findings from the survey are that over the next 6-12 months consumers would like to see enhanced applications that will make their life easier, such as work, financial, social networking, travel and entertainment, and security.

Certainly with all the App Store hitting the market – iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm and hopefully Android soon, will truly make our lives easier.

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