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TELUS announces HSPA+ Dual Cell deployment for Q1 2011… speeds to reach 42 Mb/s

TELUS  announced in a press release this morning that their network speeds will be getting a bit faster by using HSPA+ Dual Cell technology. TELUS recently completed internal testing in June and they’ll officially go live during the “first quarter of 2011″ with data speeds expected to reach up to 42 Mb/s.

Expect Bell to follow with an announcement but the press release states that “HSPA+ Dual Cell technology uses advanced multiplexing techniques to combine two wireless data carriers, operating at manufacturer-rated speeds of up to 21 Mb/s each, into a single carrier with manufacturer-rated downlink speeds up to 42 Mb/s. New HSPA+ Dual Cell compatible devices that will allow customers to take advantage of the new network capabilities are expected to be commercially available during the first quarter of 2011.”

TELUS President & CEO Darren Entwistle said “With the roll out of this new technology, TELUS clients with ‘Dual Cell’ capable devices will enjoy unprecedented download speeds that will support even faster wireless access to an online world that connects them with their families, social networking with friends, favourite entertainment and the freedom to meet their business needs when our clients are on the move.”

UPDATE: Bell sent us an e-mail stating “that Bell has been conducting internal trials of 42 Mbps mobile data service. We are beginning trials on external cell sites this month. In short, no one’s ahead of Bell in testing this technology.”

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White iPhone 4 delay caused by a “Rough & Bent effect” in manufacturing

Now that the new iPhone 4 has officially landed in Canada the next thing to wait for is the White version to actually become available. In a press release a couple weeks ago Apple stated that the “White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year.”

According to states reason a delay is due to the manufacturing process that caused a “Rough & Bent effect on the frame and made it not sit flush on the middle frame”. Apparently Apple has changed the way the White models are being made with a recently improved manufacturing process. On another note they also state that their OEM source says “there are no signs that a hardware fix for the antenna issue is underway.”



“never say never” to Chatr offering data plans

Chatr recently launched their wireless service – this is a “separate” division of Rogers and they offer basic no contract devices with unlimited monthly talk and text plans. Customers can get a Chatr device in core city locations such as Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver and soon in Montreal. They’ve said from the beginning that Chatr will not offer any data devices such as Smartphones.

However, this could change. In a reply on the Twitter question of “when is data plans coming out. Sooo need this for business”, Chatr stated that “chatr’s focused on offering worry-free Unlimited talk&text now but never say never.”

I’m sure it’ll be a while before this happens but with this comment it keeps data plans an open possibility.
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Flipout & Curve 3G hanging out with Rogers new $40 Student plan

It looks like Rogers is set to release a new $40 Student Plan along with the upcoming Motorola Flipout and BlackBerry Curve 3G. These should all be released shortly and taking a look at this upcoming ad it shows a new $40 plan is the works (Rogers currently have a $25, $30 and a $50 plan)… basically looking like all the other new $40 plans out there. Rogers new Unlimited $40 student plan includes:

- Unlimited My4 local calling
- Unlimited texting
- Unlimited BlackBerry Messenger
- Unlimited Picture and Video Messaging
- Unlimited Social Networking on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
- Unlimited Talk Evenings and Weekends

Check out the full ad after the break (more…)


Leaked BlackBerry 6 Developer presentation shows almost everything

RIM’s BlackBerry 6 OS has been leaked, teased and leaked again by pics and various videos. It will officially be released this week when the 9800 Slider is announced. Thanks to BlackBerry Cool for the following presentation slides that were from a BlackBerry 6 developer presentation (from June). It’s basically everything you want to know about the new upcoming OS Check them out after the break (more…)


Wind Mobile subscriber numbers to be released August 12th

New entrant Wind Mobile has been in operation since December of last year. There has been much speculation of how many subscribers have signed up and what the real impact they have had in the market. Rumours are that it’s around the 90,000 to 100,000 mark but nothing confirmed. If you really want to know then mark Thursday, August 12th down on your calendar. This is the date that Wind’s financial backer Orascom Telecom will report quarterly results and give Canadian subscriber numbers.

Anthony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive, said in an interview that “I think everyone is going to be surprised by our subscriber numbers”.


Koodo adds “El Tabador” Wallpapers & Screen Savers to the mix

Not the biggest news but sure is something new, especially for those who like Koodo’s “El Tabador” character. They’ve made it possible to infiltrate your computer by giving you a selection of Wallpapers and Screen Savers to choose from. I gotta admit… even though I don’t have a Koodo phone this character is pretty cool, way better than that Gingerbread man they previously had.

Check it out here at Koodo


HTC Desire appears in brochure with other TELUS Androids, launch imminent

The TELUS HTC Desire has been graced with the famous “Coming Soon” label and there are several rumoured launch dates, nothing confirmed yet. You can see by this brochure the Desire is hanging out with other TELUS Android devices such as the Motorola Milestone, HTC Hero and the Motorola Backflip. The dummy phones have arrived at TELUS locations and the latest price points according to inventory screenshots shows it’ll possibly be available for under $450 no-contract and $79.99 on a 3-year. (more…)


How to get your free iPhone 4 case from Apple

Apple iPhone 4 “Antennagate” is actually not as big an issue as it was blown up to be. I’m not sure what you are finding but I find that you have to really cover the bottom left corner and press really hard for a couple minutes to experience the bars to go down. With that said the design problem still exists and that needs to be fixed by Apple. One way for a quick fix is to get yourself a free case. Steve Jobs announced that those who purchase the new iPhone 4 will get a free Bumper or a 3rd party approved case. To get yours you’ll have to go into the App Store and find the iPhone 4 Case Program App and install it. (more…)


Rogers to release Android-powered LG GT540 & LG Neon 2… dummy phones arrive

A couple more devices will be launching soon at Rogers: The LG GT540 and the LG Neon 2. Checking out the image that was sent into us shows that the dummy phones have already started to arrive at Rogers locations. Both looking ripe for a back-to-school crowd.

Update: According to the comments below, the LG GT540 is an Android device that is also known as the “Optimus”. This comes with OS 1.6, 3-inch touchscreen display (resolution of 320 x 480), 3 megapixel camera, holds up to 32GB with a microSD card, Wi-Fi. No word on pricing or an official release date yet.

The LG Neon 2 is a follow-up to the original Neon. This will most likely hit the shelves at Fido too. This has a fully QWERTY keyboard, 2.4 inch touchscreen (240 x 320 pixels). We’ve got limited spec info and no release date yet… and the only price point we’ve been informed of is that it’ll be $29.99 on a 3-year.