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Rogers reminds us the Acer Liquid E is Coming Soon

Remember the Acer Liquid E? This is another Android-powered device that will be coming exclusively to Rogers soon. We are just confirming up pricing for you and will post it shortly. In the meantime, over on Rogers URMagazine site they’ve posted a friendly reminder with all the benefits of this smartphone titled “Liquid Gold”

They state that “It’s no longer enough that a mobile device can multi-task; it has to respond really fast as well. The Acer Liquid E is not only the first Acer handset sold in North America, but it’s also the first available from Rogers to run Android 2.1. Suffice it to say you won’t be waiting for the Liquid E to catch up as you snap pictures on its 5 MP camera, send and receive email, SMS and MMS messages and watch videos in HD 720p quality on the massive 3.5-inch, 480×800-pixel screen. So, what’s so good about Android 2.1? For starters, there’s the Live Wallpaper that moves with you, five home screens that let you take full advantage of the thousands of apps offered up in the Android Market, widgets that grant instant access to Facebook, weather, news and more, plus the Acer-only app for spinning music and videos, Spinlets – all accessible quickly thanks to Acer’s sailing hardware speed.”

You like? You thinking about getting this or going to get something else?

Check out all the goodness here at Rogers
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The “Gizmodo iPhone Saga” Flowchart

The upcoming next generation of the iPhone has been a hot topic over the past week – more so since the famed Gizmodo leak of a prototype that was found in a bar and they apparently paid $5,000 for it. Then a police raid in Jason Chen’s pad and took computers, servers and any other supporting documents. The folks over at Fast Company have put together a flowchart they call the “Gizmodo iPhone Saga”. (more…)


Rogers “Next is Now” vid shows how technology is reshaping Canada

Rogers has put together a really cool video that shows some Canadian tech stats . We’ve seen these type of vids before but rarely a Canadian focus. The video is called “Next is Now” and president and CEO Nadir Mohamed stated that “Technology is reshaping the world around us. How we live and how we work is changing rapidly. We will define our future around connected experiences. Increasingly customers are buying based on brand, not product. They’re buying into companies that will offer seamless delivery of customer-driven experiences in a connected world.”

Check it out here: (more…)


Skyfire 2.0 for Android released… enables Flash-video on your mobile

Skyfire has released Skyfire 2.0 for Android and looking at the promo video it has a few new additions. This version of the Skyfire mobile browser has the first Flash-video build in plus a cloud-computing toolbar that they call “SkyBar”

Skyfire states that Skybar does the following that the native Android browser doesn’t:
1. Video – this icon repairs any broken Flash video which would normally display as an error message on Android
2. Explore – brings smart media recommendations to the user based on what they are looking at (including Twitter buzz, trends, other videos, and other sites).
3. Share – lets the user upload any website, video or link to their social networking accounts with a single click and status update (more…)


Rogers to release built-in “Social View” app along with 3 new Social plans

Curious to know what the upcoming Rogers “Social View” is all about? They have been very quiet about what it is but apparently an official description states that it’s “a built-in feature of these exclusive smartphones that brings together, in real-time, your contacts’ updates from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It also includes a display of recent traditional communications such as texts, calls and instant messages from your contacts. Right in the contact list!”

So it’s like LG’s LinkBook, HTC’s Sense UI, Sony Ericsson’s TimeScape and Motorola’s MOTOBLUR… but built-in and branded Rogers. In addition, with this new “Social View” feature Rogers will also be releasing 3 new plans: “Unlimited Social Addict Plan”, “Unlimited Socialite Plan” and the “Unlimited Social Master Plan”. No price plans have been revealed yet. (more…)


Steve Jobs writes his “Thoughts on Flash”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has posted a lengthy open letter about his “Thoughts on Flash”. It basically outlines six main points about why Flash falls short and how HTML5 will in the end in the mobile era. In addition Jobs states that “Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind.” Full post here below:

Thoughts on Flash

Apple has a long relationship with Adobe. In fact, we met Adobe’s founders when they were in their proverbial garage. Apple was their first big customer, adopting their Postscript language for our new Laserwriter printer. Apple invested in Adobe and owned around 20% of the company for many years. The two companies worked closely together to pioneer desktop publishing and there were many good times. Since that golden era, the companies have grown apart. Apple went through its near death experience (more…)


Bell settles Late Fee Class Action case out-of-court

Back in January of 2008 a Quebec judge gave the go ahead for a class-action suit against Bell Canada and Bell Mobility regarding late fees. The case was started by Bell customers Annie Boulerice and Julien Grégoir who claimed they paid their Bell bill on time through a financial institution but were charged late fees. The case was estimated to be worth at least $2 million… but today they have announced they have settled out-of-court.

In a release it states that “An out-of-court settlement has been concluded in the class action filed on behalf of Bell Canada and Bell Mobility clients who may have paid late payment charges on payments made before the payment deadline provided on their bill. This settlement affects Bell Canada clients who paid their bill through their financial institution, and Bell Mobility clients who paid their bill by cheque or through their financial institution, between June 21, 2003 and August 9, 2009.” (more…)


Bell to release Motorola DEXT for $79.95 on 3-year

With TELUS releasing the Backflip at $99.99 on a 3-year promo and Rogers to release the Quench in May for under $100… Thanks to Alex in our Forums for snapping a pic of the upcoming price point for Bell’s Motorola Dext. Bell has targeted their newest Android to be priced at $79.95 on a 3-year contract. In addition, as expected the Dext can also be yours soon for the no-contract price of $399.95.

Does this price point tempt you to give MOTOBLUR a go?


HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion

After a few weeks of rumours a press release went out that officially stated that “HP and Palm, Inc. today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which HP will purchase Palm, a provider of smartphones powered by the Palm webOS mobile operating system, at a price of $5.70 per share of Palm common stock in cash or an enterprise value of approximately $1.2 billion.”

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein is “expected to remain with the company” said “We’re thrilled by HP’s vote of confidence in Palm’s technological leadership, which delivered Palm webOS and iconic products such as the Palm Pre. HP’s longstanding culture of innovation, scale and global operating resources make it the perfect partner to rapidly accelerate the growth of webOS”.

On Palm’s company blog they wrote that “In case you didn’t hear, we just announced a merger with a little shop down the street called HP. That little shop happens to be the world’s largest technology company, and certainly one of the most revered companies in all of tech-land. Can you say “webOS acceleration”?”

From the supporting documents it says that HP was interested in the webOS platform because it will “enable unique, integrated, connected experiences across connected mobile devices”. In addition, the reason for purchasing Palm is for the following reasons:
- Strategic and financially attractive opportunity
– Compelling combination
– World-class technology in connected mobile devices

What do you think of this partnership.. do you think it’s going to accelerate the webOS platform?

More here at HP


Official: Koodo to release Curve 8530 this Spring for $300, or $150 on the Tab

TELUS’ sub-brand Koodo Mobile has officially declared they will be releasing the BlackBerry Curve 8530 to their lineup this Spring. A much needed device and the carriers first smartphone. Regarding pricing, Koodo states that the Curve 8530 “is expected to retail for $300, or $150 for new customers who put the smartphone on their Tab.”

We’ve mentioned this a number of times in the past, plus have internal screenshots of this that estimate this to drop between May 18th and 26th. Now that Koodo will be joining the Smartphone train… will you be hopping on board? (more…)