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Mobilicity says the Orange/Silver Sony Ericsson TM506 is “Sold Out”

Mobilicity launched their wireless service in Toronto back in the May with 6 various devices, one of them being the Sony Ericsson TM506. This came in 3 colours: Red, Orange/Silver and Green.

If you check out the site you’ll see Mobilicity proudly showing the TM506 in Orange/Silver is officially “Sold Out”. We reached out to Mobilicity to see how many have actually been sold… but because they are a private company they don’t release subscriber numbers.

We’re sure it’s temporary as they still need to go live in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver by the end of the year.


iOS 4.1 update to be “Available on September 8th”

Apple announced that the update to iOS4.1 will be coming next week. If you take a quick look at the Apple UK site you’ll see it says “Available on September 8th” while other countries show the famous “Coming Soon”. This update is bringing bug fixes, Game Center and camera features such as High Dynamic Range photos (HDR) and the ability to upload HD videos over WiFi.

Source: Apple UK
Via: Engadget


No worries SaskTel customers… the BlackBerry Torch is coming soon

Now that SaskTel is live with their new 3G+ network, better devices are on the way. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Samsung Galaxy Vibrant were just released and they are still in conversations to bring the iPhone on board.

If you’re addicted to BlackBerry and want the latest you’ll be happy to know that SaskTel will also be bringing on the new Torch 9800. There’s no word on a specific date for this touchscreen/QWERTY slider (other carriers are releasing this on September 24th) but on Twitter they confirmed “the Torch is coming soon”.

Source: Twitter


Bell once again attempts to entice people with Palm Pre discounted monthly rate plans

Bell has been trying to get rid of the Palm Pre for months now. They’ve reduced it to the ripe cost of $0.00 on a 3-year or $299.95 outright. In addition, they had offered promo after promo with discounted monthly rate plans… and now dipped even lower. Bell has decided knock another $15 off the monthly price plan to hit a low $35. This is for the Smartphone 50 plan that includes 100 local minutes (plus 100 bonus local minutes), 500 MB of data, Unlimited weekends and evenings, Call Waiting and Conference Calling.

All this goodness for $35 per month. Anyone interested in giving webOS a go now?

More here at Bell
Via: PreCentral


WIND comes out with the “It’s Up to You Contest”, specifically for Alberta

WIND Mobile is showing the love to those in Alberta by throwing together a stellar contest called “It’s Up to You”. It’s pretty easy to enter… all you have to do is visit a Wind Mobile store in either Calgary or Edmonton and pick up the entry card where you’ll be directed to a dedicated website to enter your contact info.

Reading over the terms and conditions it states that up for grabs is a cool $5,000 for each city ($5,000 for Calgary and $5,000 for Edmonton) for you to do whatever you want with, or as Wind says “what you do with all that cash is up to you”. If you don’t win the Grand prize there are 50 secondary prizes (25 in Calgary and 25 in Edmonton) of the HTC Maple with one free month of service on the Always Shout plan. The contest ends September 30th, 2010.

Check it here at the contest site


Best Buy puts unreleased TELUS Samsung Galaxy Apollo online

Want even more confirmation that the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Apollo is heading to TELUS? All you need to do is check out Best Buy as they’ve put it online before it’s officially been announced. It’s listed there with all the specs, but unfortunately it says “This product is not available for shipping” and it’s not available in-store either.

As for prices, Best Buy has this listed for the no-contract price of $249.99 and the other for $49.99 on a 3-year. Decent pricing for yet another TELUS Android 2.1.

More here and here at Best Buy


Twitter: 46% of users experience Twitter via their mobile device

There are many Twitter apps out there, some 3rd party and some official such as Twitter for iPhone (previously Tweetie) and Twitter for BlackBerry (developed by RIM). Twitter – which now has 145 million registered users – released some numbers when it comes to how people are accessing the service. In the last 30 days 14% use the mobile version of Twitter ( and SMS at 8%. When it comes to specific devices, the Twitter for iPhone is tops with 8%, followed by Twitter for BlackBerry app is close behind at 7%. A distant 2% is Android.

Twitter stated on their blog that “total mobile users has jumped 62 percent since mid-April, and, remarkably, 16 percent of all new users to Twitter start on mobile now, as opposed to the five percent before… 46 percent of active users make mobile a regular part of their Twitter experience.”

Pretty impressive numbers. You can follow up here at

Check it out here at Twitter
Via: IntoMobile


TELUS going live with 3G+ network in New Denver, BC on September 7th

You might recall that New Denver, B.C. residents and the Valhalla Committee for Environmental Health (VCEH) passionately opposed a new cell tower from being constructed due to possible health risks. After years of debate, Industry Canada stepped in and ruled in July that the tower can be built. (Telus said the tower will have exposure level below 1,000 microwatts per square metre).

The day is near and TELUS sent out a press release stating that on September 7th service will go live for New Denver, Silverton, and the surrounding areas. The total investment was $500,000 and brings 3G+ wireless voice and high-speed Internet.

Steve Jenkins, TELUS General Manager for the Southern Interior said “Not only does this new service give New Denver residents and businesses the convenience of making calls on the move, it gives them access to critical 911 services anywhere they can get a signal and even great broadband Internet service where it may not be possible to build wired Internet access. This tower has been a long time coming, and we appreciate the patience of the community over the last three years.”


Pre-order the BlackBerry Torch 9800 at Best Buy

TELUS, Rogers, Bell and Virgin will all be releasing the BlackBerry Torch 9800 on September 24th for what seems to be $199.99 on a 3-year contract. No word yet on the no-contract price. If you want in on this new touchscreen/QWERTY slider you might want to check out Best Buy as they’ve gone live with the option to pre-order.

They state on their website that you can “Be one of the first to own the new BlackBerry Torch, the first BlackBerry slider. To pre-order, visit your local Best Buy Mobile location and provide a $50 deposit, when the phone comes available we will contract you so you can be the fist to experience the Torch.”

Sounds good. Anyone doing this… or will you take your chances on launch day?
Check it out here at Best Buy


Wind Mobile creates an “Exclusive Student Offer”

Wind Mobile has a number of promos happening right now – everything from a porting credit, device rebates and plan discounts. If you’re a student it’s going to get even better as they’ve created an “Exclusive Student Offer”. Thanks to a tipster for letting us know that Wind is coming out with a couple Student plans (that are also compatible with the current hardware rebate offer). They are as follows and you must sign up before September 30th:

- Up to a year of “Always Shout” for only $25/month (Usually for $45 per month), or
- Up to a year of “Infinite Laptop” for only $25/month (Usually for $45 per month)

As this is an “Exclusive Student Offer” the deal won’t be available online or through customer care…  you’ll see Wind employees at select campuses across Canada this month. They will either selling directly on campus or asking students to visit the local store. As always there are a few guidelines: purchases must be made in person and students must present their valid student ID.

You like?

UPDATE: It’s official… Wind has now put this offer on their site, you can check it out here