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Koodo Mobile launches the Samsung Elevate, goes immediately on sale

This slider was on Koodo’s 3G+ coming soon list for some time… but it’s now available and already put on sale (probably until September 19th). The Samsung Elevate can be yours today for free on the Tab or $150 outright. As mentioned before, this is a QWERTY slider messaging phone with a 2.6-inch display (resolution of 240 x 320), 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, Bluetooth and can hold up to 32GB with a microSD card.

Koodo calls this a “Sleek and chic.” device, more info can be found here


Samsung GT-i8700 running Windows Phone 7 leaks out

The Samsung GT-i8700 has surfaced online thanks to some leaked images. This is running on Windows Phone 7 and looks pretty wicked. The specs are scarce but the about screen shows 8GB of internal storage with the back revealing a camera and LED flash. Hopefully this will be one of the Samsung devices that we’ll see launch in Canada next month.

Looking good so far… how much would you pay for this would go for off contract?
Via: Gizmodo


SaskTel to release the BlackBerry Curve 9300 for $375 no contract

One of the new BlackBerry devices that will be releases soon by SaskTel is the Curve 9300. This entry-level BlackBerry has a 2.4-inch display (resolution of 320×240), full QWERTY keyboard, 2.0 MP camera, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, holds up to 32GB with a mircoSD card… and good news for SaskTel customers is that they have released some OK pricing (still priced higher than all the other carriers). This is “coming soon” on the following prices: 3-year contract: $50; 2-year contract: $225; 1-year contract: $325 and No-contract: $375.

Via: SaskTel


Confirmed: Chatr to release the Nokia 2220 for $75

A couple days ago we let you know that Chatr was getting prepared to release a new phone to their lineup. We’ve now got confirmation for you. As you can see by this screenshot it shows the no-contract price for the Nokia 2220 will be $75. We’re still waiting for an official release date but this will be their 5th device. Chatr will also be going live in Montreal on September 16th.


Bell launching Nokia C6 September 21st

According to the doc we received it says the Nokia C6 – “a great starter smartphone” will be released exclusively by Bell on Tuesday, September 21st – . This S60 5th Edition device has a 3.2-inch touch screen (resolution of 640 x 360) with a slide QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera, video capabilities (and video calling), OVI share, OVI maps and can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card. The only price point we know of is $249.95, this looks to be a place holder but if it’s the no-contract it’s a good deal.

More info soon!
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Videotron 3G+ network goes live; 12 handsets including Nexus One with OS 2.2

In 2008 Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) Auction Videotron invested over  $550,000…. a couple years later and thousands of employees, “the Dawn of a New Era” has arrived today: their 3G+ network is officially live. We’re putting together a recap of the media event but here’s some highlights:

- Videotron customers benefit from getting free unlimited local and long calls, several plans that include: Infinite zone, Unlimited evenings and weekends, Call anytime and Share.
- Offer no-commitments
- 30-day full satisfaction money back guarantee
- launching with 12 handsets such as Google Nexus One (first in Canada to offer OS 2.2), Garmin Nuvifone A5 (you’ll get free traffic info and alerts included for three years), Motorola XT720, Huawei U3200 BlackBerry, plus a mobile internet key
- Can remotely PVR via handset

The entire press release is after the break, but they state that “The network will eventually rev up to lightning-fast mobile speeds of up to 42 mbps, thanks to Dual-Carrier HSPA+ technology.”

Update: Here’s the complete list of devices:
Huawei U3200: “Reduced” 3-year price: $0.00, Retail price: $159.95
Samsung Gravity 2: “Reduced” 3-year price: $14.95, Retail price: $199.95
Huawei U7519: “Reduced” 3-year price: $19,95, Retail price: $199.95
Nokia 5230: “Reduced” 3-year price: $39.95, Retail price: $209.95
BlackBerry Pearl 9100: “Reduced” 3-year price: $49.95, Retail price: $379.95
BlackBerry Bold 9700: “Reduced” 3-year price: $99.99, Retail price: $499.95
Google Nexus One: “Reduced” 3-year price: $99.99, Retail price: $479.95
Garmin A50: “Reduced” 3-year price: $129.95, Retail price: $459.95
Motorola XT720: “Reduced” 3-year price: $149.95, Retail price: $479.95
Huawei E1381 Mobile Internet key: “Reduced” 3-year price: $0,00, Retail price: $175
… 3 are missing though?

Update #2: Their site keeps crashing but we’ve got a screenshot of the plans.


Windows Phone 7 officially launching October 11th?

The rumours are starting to narrow in on a specific date for the upcoming North American release of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. The date: Monday October 11th, 2010. According to Pocket-lint who have verified with “Multiple sources familiar with the matter” confirmed the date along with a New York City launch party. WP7 handsets will be available later in the month.

Us Canadians will benefit from this news as it was revealed last week by Microsoft Canada’s Greg Milligan that “We will have it on multiple operators here in Canada, and we expect the price to be very attractive to users to individuals at the holiday period and in line with other smartphones… so in that $99 to $199 on a 3-year plan”. The manufacturers are also confirmed to be LG, Samsung, HTC and Dell coming in 2011.


Source: Pocket-Lint
Via: BGR


Mobilicity continues cutting device prices

Mobilicity has been in business for over 4 months and we’re patiently waiting for them to expand past Toronto into their other launch cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa)… it actually seems that those potential customers might get the better deal. Over the past few weeks Mobilicity has added new features, adjusted their monthly price plans and recently reduce the cost of their flagship BlackBerry device.

Although the major news yesterday was the chitter/chatter legal issues between them and Rogers discount brand Chatr, Mobilicity decided it was time to cut the prices of almost all of their devices. No reason was given and no sale was announced, but you can now get the following devices cheaper: Nokia 5230: $149.99 (was $169.99), HTC Snap for $149.99 (was $199.99) and the Huawei U7519 for $99.99 (was $109.99).

What do you think is the reason for the cuts: To give back to the customer? An extended back-to-school sale? Pressure from other carriers? Needing more customers? New devices coming soon?

Check it out here at Mobilicity


TELUS puts the Samsung Galaxy Apollo as “coming soon”

After a few leaks plus being put on the Best Buy site, TELUS has officially put the familiar “coming soon” on the Samsung Galaxy Apollo. No word on an official launch date but pricing is going to hit the $249.99 outright and $49.99 on a 3-year. This comes with Android OS 2.1, 3.2-inch display (resolution of 240×400), WiFi, 3 megapixel camera that records 720p videos, GPS, WiFi, FM radio, 3.5mm headset jack. TELUS continues to pump out the Androids.

Source: TELUS
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Video: 5 Canadian developers show off their Windows Phone 7 apps

Microsoft Canada held an event last night to give a very brief introduction of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch. It was basically highlighted by demonstrating how easy it is for developers to start building apps. Microsoft brought in a few Canadian app developers:

- Barranger Ridler, 4MKMobile, Tim Horton’s app
- Alexey Adamsky and Alex Yakobovich, Ryerson Digital Media Zone, 3D Sudoku app
- Mark Arteaga, RedBit Development, VanGuide app
- Shawn Konopinsky, Nascent Digital, social music app
- Mike Kasprzak, Sykhronics Entertainment, Smiles game app

We know WP7 will launching at the same time as the United States by various manufacturers (LG, Samsung, HTC) and will be available on several carriers. I believe we’ll hear some possible firm dates within a couple weeks. I also played around with a LG device and took WP7 for a spin and it’s incredibly responsive, very intuitive and what’s amazing is when you compare it to previous WinMo devices is that you truly have the opportunity to personalize it. It’ll be interesting to see how this “revolution” unfolds.

Check out the video of the event after the break (apologies for the incredibly bad video, tripod was missing). (more…)