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Sony Ericsson C905 arrives in Canada via Rogers

The Sony Ericsson C905 has had a long journey coming to Canada. We first mentioned this way back on October 27th, 2008 that this is coming via Rogers. Over the past number of months we have even seen this advertised on websites and in magazines… but alas the 8.1 megapixel Cybershot is here!

Sony Ericsson offers up $25 rebate on Bluetooth accessories

Ever since the Ontario Government dropped the hammer on the ban of wireless use while driving, the onslought of discounts for wireless Bluetooth accessories is upon us… better be safe than get hit with a big ticket! Sony Ericsson has stepped up and offered up to a $25 rebate on select accessories. This mail in


Sony Ericsson “Smile Shutter” promo video

For those who are anxiously awaiting the Canadian arrival of the upcoming devices from Sony Ericsson (XPERIA, C905, W705). These will all be released through Rogers shortly. To tease you a bit more a promo video has made it online that shows you a feature called “Smile Shutter”, basically this allows you to take a


Rogers advertising upcoming Sony Ericsson C905

Low and behold the day we write a story on how Sony Ericsson removed several key upcoming devices from their website (XPERIA X1, C905, T303 and the W705)… we did some snooping around and found a nice gift. **UPDATE** – this has been delivered to Rogers customers over a week ago, but was just put


VANISHED: Sony Ericsson removes X1, C905, T303 & W705 from website

Recently we were thrilled that Sony Ericsson Canada put the “Coming Soon” symbol on their website for the following anticipated devices: XPERIA X1, C905, T303 and the W705. Hopefully this is just a small glitch and the devices will be put back soon… They only have 8 phones in their current lineup and Sony Ericsson


Sony Ericsson Canada to launch W705 “within 3 months”

Now that we got all excited for the Sony Ericsson Idou (this is the impressive 12.1 megapixel touchscreen that was announced at the MWC in Barcelona)… I found that us Canadians can be somewhat thrilled about: the W705 will be launching soon. According to Sony Ericsson Canada’s website: “The W705 is expected to be available


Review: Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Wireless Speaker

We took a bit of time to pound out music and throw on some tunes with the Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Wireless Speaker. Similar to the MBS-100 review we did a few months ago, this little nugget packs some serious sound. The major difference from the 200 to the 100 is the overall design and the


Sony Ericsson coming soon: HPM-77 Headset & CBC-100

Sony Ericsson has posted some new accessories that us Canadians will be able to use. Honestly these are nothing special but always good to keep updated on what’s new. First up is the Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-77. These are basically a set of earphones that allows you to listen to music and take calls handsfree.


Sony Ericsson adds X1a, C905a and T303 as “Coming Soon”

Sony Ericsson Canada has updated their website this morning with 3 new devices that will be “Coming Soon”. From what we already know the Sony Ericsson X1 XPERIA is  launching with Rogers possibly August (or clearly sooner) Q3 2009. This is their saving grace as it’s a 800 x 480 3″ touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile