Square Enix surprise releases Final Fantasy IX for iOS and Android

Patrick O'Rourke

February 9, 2016 3:29pm

After announcing plans earlier this month to bring Final Fantasy IX, one of the series’ most revered titles, to mobile, Square Enix has stealthily dropped the game on iOS, Android, with a Steam release soon to follow.

This Final Fantasy IX re-release features high-resolution character models, touch controls and similar to the Final Fantasy VII mobile version, new settings that reduce or remove the number of random enemy encounters, as well as a fast-forward button. Character damage can also be turned up to 9,999 per attack.

Similar to most Square Enix mobile releases, Final Fantasy IX is expensive, coming in at $23.99 CAD for iOS and $23.99 on Android.

  • barrist

    check them roman numerals…

    • Eduardo

      No kidding!
      IX on the title, IX on the link but links to XI; XI on the second paragraph then IX again!

    • Roman numerals are hard, yo.

  • This game was cool but slightly felt like a Dragonball remake. Kinda a spoiler for someone who has never played the game but it is loosely similar to the story of Dragonball

  • Mo Dabbas

    According to the two app stores this is a discounted prices.
    “- Special sale price for the FINAL FANTASY IX release!
    -20% off from February 10 to February 21, 2016!”

    That’s an expensive game. Is it worth it?? Is the story connected between all final fantasy games?

    • No, this one isn’t connected to others. This one is a stand alone story and if you are a playstation owner (ps3), you might be able to get it for half that price on the psn store.

  • Loved this game, we just need VIII (8) now.
    Kinda interesting they add cheats for the unskilled players.

  • Jo

    Thanks for the news, I’m so happy!