Oppo unveils the N1 Mini with a 5-inch 720p display and 13MP camera

Daniel Bader

May 30, 2014 3:25pm

Stop the “mini” madness!

Just days after HTC revealed the HTC One Mini 2 which, at 4.5-inches, would have been deemed enormous just two years ago, Oppo has gone and outdone them.

Today, the Chinese OEM unveiled its next smartphone, the 5-inch N1 Mini. Yes, a 5-inch phone with a Mini moniker. Just ridiculous.

The company has been marking larger phones for some time now, releasing the Find 5, a 5-inch device with one of the first 1080p displays on the market; and more recently, the Find 7 and 7A, both of which sport 5.5-inch screens.

The N1 Mini, a spiritual sibling to the Oppo N1, a massive 5.9-inch device with a swivel-head 13MP camera, also sports a 13MP camera, but dials down the screen resolution to 720p. It will have LTE connectivity, but all other hardware is currently under wraps; the company will reveal more on June 10th.

  • Lirodon

    > “mini”
    > 5-inch screen


    • Rattrap

      It finally happened.

      I can’t wait until the 7 inch n1 megaphone comes out.

    • mat

      heh, megaphone

    • It’s Me

      Note 8″ is effectively your “megaphone”

    • avow

      I came to the comments to say this exact thing. What the heck…

  • BB BB

    Lol so when iphone makes a larger screen I guess they will call the old ones tiny.