Rogers survey says ‘Generation D’ are always connected, download an average of 25 apps


There’s over 27 million wireless subscribers in Canada, and a recent report from Rogers states that Canadians are more addicted than ever: nearly 50% of respondents believe mobile communication will replace “most physical interactions.”

The Rogers Innovation Report was conducted by Harris-Decima, surveying just over 1,000 people between November 21st and December 2nd. They found a new demographic is forming called the “Device Generation” or Generation D, “a group that lives and breathes life through mobile devices and that shares an optimistic view of what’s next.”

The survey showed that 28% of people would be willing to skip their morning coffee in exchange to have internet whenever and wherever they want. Nearly 50% believe virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions in the next five years, and almost 50% expect to communicate exclusively through text, social media and email in the next five years. In other words, in-person with friends and business associates will be an anachronism.

As for being continually connected, the Innovation Report suggested that 52% of those who own a smartphone spend an average of 70% of the day with their phone within reaching distance. In addition, those who have a smartphone or tablet loaded an average of 25 apps.

Looking into the future, Generation D believes that future smartphones will include retina scanners, built-in projectors, augmented reality and 3D screens, and apps will continue to be the focus. Apparently the immediate future will see apps “become their butler” to draw baths, cut the lawn, vacuum and even do their laundry. Twenty-five percent “expect their devices to read their mood and help them communicate with their pets.”

Source: CNW

  • silver_arrow

    So when are they planning on raising the price again for data?

  • beyond

    um more like Generation Z….for Zombie Generation

    “a group of lifeless bodies that consume devices and that share a ravenous appetite for the next big thing.”

    • ScooterinAB

      I like this comment.

      What I find alarming is the claim (hope?) that human interaction will be outdated in 5 years. I find that to be a pretty large claim. People will still be interacting with each other in person until the day we develop a full AI that will overthrown mankind movie-style. Interactions might be digitally augmented (some of the more interesting yet unused elements of augmented reality, a la Google Glass), but they will still happen face to face.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Rogers forgot 1category…..
    “Biggest disappointment in 2019″

    Drum roll… 72% end up wishing the devices had bigger batteries. :)

  • Yulet

    15% streamed video on the go, the remaining 85% is scared of getting charged for overage data.

    • HeyYoWL

      Yup, it’s why I stopped using Netflix on my phone with Rogers. What’s the point when their app can’t measure reliably your usage in real time and their overage prices are so high?

    • Matt

      Yes!! WHY does it take 4 HOURS to update your usage? I can see 15 minutes or half an hour… but 4 HOURS??

    • HeyYoWL

      Oh it’s 4 hours now? That’s interesting to note. When I was still with Rogers it took 24 hrs.

  • LuaDebuggerRBX

    Because Rogers sucks and are too stupid to consider the simplest of things.

    • HeyYoWL

      Wrong, Rogers isn’t too stupid, they know this to be the truth and it’s why they’re charging such outrageous prices.

    • LuaDebuggerRBX

      Yeah true, I meant to say they are a bunch of cheap bastards who care nothing but money.

    • HeyYoWL

      That I agree with sadly. =

  • S2556

    But that is just it. Their plans directly reflect their research. They got us by the balls and they know it!

  • Matthew Livingstone

    Okay did nobody else notice the 49% who think they will vote the outcome of a show in real-time? …. Do these ppl not understand how TV works? I mean I know reality shows already do this so if that’s not what they meant, what the deuce. Or am I missing the concept lol

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