Two more BlackBerry execs reportedly departing the company


The past couple of months has seen Waterloo-based BlackBerry go through several executive changes. Gone are CEO Thorsten Heins, COO Kristian Tear, and CMO Frank Boulben, replaced at the top by a single person: John Chen, Interim CEO of BlackBerry. The so-called “fixer” boldly declared, shortly after the announcement, that the company is no longer seeking a buyer, and stated BlackBerry will be “going back to our heritage and roots” of attracting loyal enterprise customers.

A new report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that more executive level cuts are coming. “According to people familiar with the matter,” both Chris Wormald, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at BlackBerry, and Rick Costanzo, Executive Vice President of Global Sales, will both soon be leaving BlackBerry. Costanzo by “early next year” and Wormald “will be gone by the end of this month.”

BlackBerry previously declared plans to cut about 5,000 employees from their roster and to-date the numbers have totalled well over 1,000. Apparently when Chen took over the company he held a town-hall meeting, saying “things are going to get worse before they get better… Not all of you will be here.”

Source: WSJ

  • Darren

    Being brutally frank can only help. Everything was “rosy all the time” when Thorsten Heins was at the helm and look where that took the company. Not sure they are capable of being turned around but I’d sure like to see it. IF devices like the Z50 / Q50 can be released before mid-year 2014 and have reasonably up-to-date specs, and IF the software continues to improve at the rate it has since January, they have an honest shot. Right now their biggest problem is the tarnish on the brand name.

    • Anthony Roberts

      That’s exactly what I am saying its the Perception of Blackberry not the OS and Hardware I have the Z30 amazing Phone and when I show android users and iOS they are shocked how fluid and amazing the phone is and they love the native apps to it and how well in integrates into BB10.

  • eszklar

    John Chen dicing and slicing, kicking a*s and chewing bubble gum. Wonder how Crackberry is going to spin this. In any case it will be very interesting times for BB. I honestly wish them well in the future and I hope they can retrench first in the Corporate Business/Government sectors and then Consumer later. Say something like using official BB OS which can install/run Android 4.2.2 apks directly and use Secusmart’s Security Suite for BBOS 10 to harden communications. It will be interesting times for BB no doubt.

  • Gerhardt


    • Marissa

      They got axed and their bodies hit the floor HARD!

    • NorskHelgen

      ‘Tearing Away’ is probably a better theme for the company’s demise.

  • Marissa

    Rick Costanzo and Chris Wormald were AXED aka FIRED.

    Costanzo was in charge of sales, and their sales team is brutal so naturally BIG JOHN took them the eff out.

    Good to see deadweight like this being shed!

    • Anthony Roberts

      Trust me I always said in order for Blackberry to change they need to revamp their execs.

  • Gerhardt

    not one thumbs down for any posts in here – we all agree these execs are useless!!

    • Bbrysucks

      Its either that, or the bbry fanbois havent either a) gotten out of bed yet, or b) the usual paid shills have lost their jobs and no longer have a reason to do the circle-jerk for bb.

    • Columbo

      Eh? I’m a fan of BlackBerry and I think this is great news.

    • J-Ro

      I’m a BB fan is this is good news.

    • thisiscjay

      Spoken like a true troll. If you want to be seen as otherwise edit the name. So far you’re the only troll here…

  • Bbrysucks

    Ha ha.

  • kastor

    Very nice to see Mr. Chen cleaning house AGAIN. Blackberry definitely needs a shakeup of epic proportions and get rid of the old ideologies. I dont know much about these 2 but if they were in charge of global sales should have put them in front of a firing squad. Imo I dont believe Blackberry hate is driven by consumers, but rather dictated mostly by competitors and their deep pockets. With so much cashflow they have great influence over bloggers, media and even so obvious developer relations. For me it jus defies a certain amount of logic as to the continual raw hatred for a company like Blackberry. Question is why? Complete domination of the mobile landscape where we, the end users, will ultimately have little choice in what we use. Is that what the general consumer wants? For me “F!?!!?! That.
    No facts, jus an opinion piece.

    • EllSee

      I agree. An additional unfortunate reality is that these players with their deep pockets have conditioned the masses and told them what they should value. This is no different than how beauty is defined (essentially the proportions of a model). Consumers no longer stop and think “What do I prioritize? does this really matter?” I feel like we are taking steps towards a state of being like the movie Idiocracy

    • kastor

      Ahahahahahhahaha. That was exactly where my thoughts was headed. We are being dumbed down into thinking what we should should not use. Everytime i mention the word “blackberry” the comments go from total bias to bizzarro. I’d go on but then i”ll b wayy of topic for this post. Btw, i”ll have to see that movie now. Trailer was hilarious.

    • barrist

      lol yeah. the reason BB failed is because other companies bought the opinions of bloggers and the media. your tinfoil hat is showing.

  • Omis

    Does this mean I can watch Netflix on my playbook?

  • hajflfsklf

    woo! more people leaving the company with million dollar severance packages! go RIM, make your ex-management rich while you fire your workers!! RIM RIM RIM RIM RIM

    • Columbo

      Would you rather they be kept around then? Make no mistake, these guys are being fired. Any severance packages they get were written into their contracts long before Chen was around, and they’d be getting them no matter when they left. Better to get rid of them now and at least save some money on their massive useless salaries which can pay some much harder working regular employees.

    • Bubbles Goatmaster

      Sometimes it’s better to enlist the help of a pony army then to wrestle with a mound of hungry snakes. That’s my metaphor for today; it makes no sense, but I’m sure it applies (somehow).

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