The Nagging Mom of Wearables, LUMOback, comes to Android

LUMOback is a wearable sensor that monitors and attempts to correct your posture by gently buzzing you when you slouch — kind of like your Mom telling you to “sit up straight.” The device launched back in November for iOS only, but to reach a wider audience, LUMOback has officially released their Android app.

The Android app works very similar to the iOS version. When you open it you’ll have to create an account and also walk through a series of calibration steps to ensure the sensor knows you and your posture. Like iOS, the Android app features the LUMOback avatar, a stick person that mirrors your every movement – sitting, standing, running and even driving in a car. It also has a series of dashboards that measures your posture, activity, and even your sleep in real-time.

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One tip: When leaving the app, you’re going to want to press the home button on your Android phone to keep the app running in the background. If you press the phone’s back button, it kills the app and disconnects the sensor from the app. The sensor will continue to correct your posture and collect data even if your app is closed, but every time you kill the app and re-open it you’ll have to connect your sensor.

To celebrate the launch of their Android app, LUMOback is offering $50 off their device which retails for $149.95. The app currently supports the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Moto G running OS 4.3 and above. Some users are reporting issues connecting their sensor to the LUMOback Android app and receiving messages that states “no sensors in range.” We’ve reached out to LUMOback for more insight.

Update: We spoke with LUMOback and they have confirmed that many of the devices which shipped prior to the Android app are having problems connecting. Android users can arrange, via email, to swap out their sensor for one that is compatible. All new sensors support both iOS and Android.

Source: LUMOback