BlackBerry Q5 coming to Canada on August 13th via Bell, Fido, Koodo, SaskTel, TELUS and Virgin

Ian Hardy

July 30, 2013 9:17am

Canada was one of the first countries to launch the BlackBerry Z10, then followed up by bringing the QWERTY/Touch Q10 to market. Today, Canadians were informed that the entry-level BlackBerry Q5 will soon launch at various carriers and retailers. According to the press release, the Q5 will be available in Canada on August 13th at Bell, Fido, Koodo, SaskTel, TELUS, and Virgin Mobile Canada, plus in an onslaught of retailers such as Best Buy Canada, Future Shop, Target, TBooth Wireless, The Mobile Shop, The Source, Walmart, and WIRELESSWAVE.

The Q5 will be available in black at all carriers, but Virgin Mobile will score the exclusive on a red version. This BlackBerry 10 powered smartphone has a similar design style to the Q10, but clearly targeted to a different audience as its more youthful. The price, as stated yesterday by Koodo Mobile, is set at $350 outright and comes with a 3.1-inch display (resolution of 720×720), 1.2GHz dual-core processor, LTE connectivity, 5MP rear-facing camera, 2MP front-facing camera, 8GB internal storage, 2,100mAh non-removable battery, overall dimensions are 120 x 67 x 73mm with a weight of 120 grams.

Source: MarketWire

  • Bloune

    I really think that…. this is gonna sell…. like…. a lot.

    • r0v3rT3N

      If it is marketed correctly, at this price, it will sell.

    • Skazzberry 2.0

      Sorry at $350 outright, the Nexus 4 is already a million times better.

    • hfghgfhf

      The keyboard might appeal some but the OS doesn’t help.
      Also the price is too high if you compare to Nexus 4.

    • hoo dat

      Why would you compare to an N4? I can’t think of two phones anymore different from each other. It’s like comparing a bus to a bicycle. The most obvious difference is the Z5 has a physical keyboard, that alone makes the comparison moot.

    • southerndinner

      Doubt it. It’s too expensive and there are much better phones at similar price points

    • southerndinner

      to people who haven’t used a real smartphone, sure

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      A real smartphone? LMAO.. sure.

  • skullan

    I mine just pick up one of these.

  • gnote

    What, no Rogers exclusive?

  • Balls O’Steele

    Worth $299 max

    • Nauman.Choudhry

      And if it was priced at $299, you would say worth $199-249 max. People are never happy, it could be priced for a $1 and someone will say its still to high.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Obviously the Z10 and Q10 was priced too high because they sure didn’t sell many.

    • Sean-Paul

      where did you get the numbers that they didnt sell many?

    • hfghgfhf

      If they sold a lot, we’d know it, because they would brag about their numbers. Just like Apple and Google do.

    • Rich

      I support BBRY, but based on shipments in the last ER of only 2.5 million BB10 devices, they certainly didn’t sell many at all. Take note that a shipment is different from a sale as well.

  • joseph turco

    i might get one. at 350 thats affordable

  • Alvin Avanzado

    I think $350 is kinda steep for a unit. Moto might be coming out for $299 off contract.

    • Sean-Paul

      wow….you must be psychic. Moto X coming out at $299 off contract… damn. Please also tell me this weeks lotto numbers as well.

  • Chad Hammad

    Affordable entry to bb 10, can’t hurt!

    • southerndinner

      It can when BB10 is awful!

    • Sean-Paul

      uh huh… thats coming from someone who has never used the OS. nice try though

    • southerndinner

      I tried a Z10 on a demo line for work… It was awful. Had to use it for three months on the sales floor to keep it, gave it up in under a month to go back to my Note II

      Never again

    • Sean-Paul

      awful because you didnt know how to use gestures? awful because of what reason?

      sorry but your example still holds no merit. I had the z10 and now the q10 and an HTC One and 4S. daily driver… Q10 because it works faster than the other platforms.

    • southerndinner

      Awful because the battery was medicocre, the gestures weren’t really that useful (yes I knew how to use them) and it wasn’t nearly as intertwined with my Google services as the Note was. Even without Google services as a factor, I doubt I would have kept it.

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      A non-Google product isn’t an integrated into Google services as a Google product? OMG… how crazy!! I never would have guessed.

    • southerndinner

      It’s a legitimate issue because BBRY offers no compelling alternatives

  • Rich

    Hrmm.. thought these devices weren’t intended to hit North America — may be pressure from either low sales, needing an entry level phone, or the fierce competition from Nokia.

  • Elky Monroe

    I think it’ll find traction in the budget market. Besides, some people just want a mobile phone that makes good calls with good email ability. Not everyone wants a pocket computer.

  • southerndinner


    • VapidRapidRabbit

      Look at this d ickhead troll… how pathetic.