New Nexus 7 now available in Canada, but stock is limited


  • Tony Sarju

    FUUUUUU Where is the 32GB unit??????

    • Steve Rodrigue

      So Mature… Be polite please!

      32gb will soon come to a store near you, don’t panic. It’s just a piece of electronics.

    • Tony Sarju

      Pull the stick out of your rear, if you think that was immature and impolite you must have a hard time functioning in real life.

      It was a casual Internet response.

    • Daniel Bader

      No fun on the internet for you!

    • Tony Sarju

      I suppose not 🙁

    • Me Ted

      Agreed. Go hang yourself you worthless (unt!! See? All fun.

    • AlphaEdge

      Steve please don’t interfere with this entitled generation. If they don’t get what they want, when they want, they allowed to behave like the first world brats that they are.

      Ah poor baby, not getting his 32GB unit today.

    • Steve Rodrigue

      @AlphaEdge:disqus:Maybe, I’m just too old. 😉

    • Will P

      Which generation are you from ?
      The Boomers took everything for themselves. They sent jobs over-seas, ran up the debt, spent money in the name of the next generation. Now we work only to pay taxes and pay for Boomers’ Medicare and pensions….pensions which won’t be there when we retire at the age of hopefully 67. No more ‘Freedom 55’ in our futures.
      Please don’t put down ‘This Entitled Generation’.

    • AlphaEdge

      Of course, anyone who does not sympathize with this guy, must be some old geezer. Sheesh. Same generation as you, so don’t pin the faults of the previous generation on me.

  • willson yu

    we want 32gb! 32gb!32gb!32gb11

  • Dr Tone

    To be more exact, we want 32GB LTE, 32GB LTE, 32GB LTE…

    • eszklar


    • Me Ted

      Tether. You’re welcome.

    • eszklar

      I have a Galaxy Nexus and a OG Nexus 7 Wifi+3G both on Mobilicity. For $35/mo. for each plan I can rock both plans. The cellular radios in the new Nexus 7 are just insane.

  • RedBeaVeR

    Why can’t we order straight from the Play store? I always get better support straight from Google rather than Staples/Best Buy.

    • hfghgfhf

      with shipping it might end up being cheaper in store.

    • RedBeaVeR

      I’ll pay for the difference.

      Had to return my Nexus7 twice to Google due to the lifting screen and faulty speaker. Never had to pay shipping on any of those returns and I get to keep the old one until new one arrives. And they’re very knowledgeable on getting me one from a good batch.

    • Habs Killa

      I’ll pay the extra amount for the far better service

    • moiz khan

      seems like they were pretty knowledgeable on getting you one from the good pile after you return it a second time….

    • RedBeaVeR

      They got it from the good pile on the first return for the screen lift.

      Second time was just the speaker. They still got it from the pile though.

    • Daniel Tousignant

      The exact same thing happened to me; bought the old nexus 7 from staples in store, went on a long weekend and only opened the unit later (was DOA). Staples took it without any trouble and replaced it with a new one, while validating with me in store that the unit they gave me as a replacement was not DOA.

      Didn’t have to wait for shipping and I feel the service was worth it.

  • David Ng

    I have one on hold at staples… Going to pick it up although I feel like I am almost being forced to get a 16GB one because google has not even mentioned a 32GB in canada. (coming weeks doesn’t mean too much to me) Hopefully they do in the next 2 weeks so I can return it and order it from them!

    • Me Ted

      Same here. There’s a Staples across the street from my office so I just picked one up. I’ll definitely be returning it for the 32gb model though. I feel a little bit like a scumbag though. Oh well. They’re a massive corporation and it’s their policy.

  • Jonathan G.

    I find it surprising that retail stores have it in stock before Google Play has it on their site even if it is the 16GB version.

  • IanDickson

    In this day and age…who needs more than 16GB? I have a 16GB Note II, and I bought a 64GB card for it. I don’t even touch my 64GB. Everything streams!!

    • TouchMyBox


      They are one of the most popular uses of tablets, afterall.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      You’re hilarious. In one comment you say that no one needs more than 16 GB, and then you say you bought a 64 GB microSD. If you didn’t need it, why did you buy it?
      Besides, no Nexus devices have an expansion slot, so there isn’t even that option. When you’re stuck with what you got, and that space is used for apps, music, videos and pictures, storage space is crucial.

    • IanDickson

      Hey bub. I have a 16GB Note II, and I bought a 64GB card because at that point in time, I thought I would need it. I don’t even touch my 64GB. In other words, the extra space is wasted. As it sits, on my new Nexus 7, with 3 profiles (mine, my wife, and a restricted for my kids) with all the games I have installed right now, I still have 9GB free on it. Will I need to fill it any more than that? I might use another 2GB on it…tops. Otherwise, everything either streams from Google Music, my Plex media server, or Netflix, documents are available through Google Drive or accessible from my PC.

      So yes…64GB is wasted.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      I’m guessing you don’t have any music or many videos on there, because with my 32 GB microSD (the phone itself doesn’t come with anything that you can really use) in my Galaxy Ace II x, I think I only have a single gigabyte left.
      Not everyone has the exact same configuration you do. For one thing, Canadians have to jump through hoops and proxy servers to get Google Music set up, when you’re on the go you don’t have access to your media server which means all that content is suddenly gone, Canadian Netflix is terrible and I’m not paying an additional $5 to get the US one. The documents thing is the only thing I agree with you on, but then again, those aren’t ever more than a few megabytes, so your point is moot.

      Basically, what I’m trying to say is: if you’re not Canadian, why are you bothering to comment on this site if you don’t understand our situation and, if you are indeed Canadian, your “stream everything” setup is less common than you’d think.

    • IanDickson

      Canadian, born and raised. In fact, the first person in Regina to open the new Nexus 7 (got it Tuesday early afternoon at one of the two staples here!).

      I guess when it comes to the technical side, I’m a little more adept at setting things up then the standard user, and tweaking what I need
      -LogMeIn to get to my home PC or work notebook for anything I need there

      -Plex server to stream my 2 to 3TB of TV, kids movies, etc. Kids don’t care about surround sound or absolute picture quality, so even when out and about, on 3 or 4G speeds, 480p streams great, and when it’s transcoding a 40GB BD file over the air, it might chug, but meh…it works
      -Canadian netflix is fine. Kids don’t know the difference!! And even at that, anything that they can’t get through Netflix, that’s what newsgroups are for, and Plex. 🙂
      -And again…google music. Love it. I have 30+ GB of music (not much by some standards) but I have it setup on my phone, my wife’s laptop, the Nexus 7, my old SGS devices I gave to my kids for playing games
      -Dropbox and Dropsync for taking various files off my devices and putting it into the cloud (and yes..I’m paying for 200GB so that I have access to anything anytime).

      I guess I’m not the norm, but I can also see where companies like HTC are coming from. If you have the means and the ability, you literally can stay connected to the world from anywhere!

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      “Means” being money, of course. I know I certainly can’t afford more than a $35/month 200 MB data plan with Virgin Mobile, can’t imagine how much you pay with all you just listed. So you can see why “stream everything” is not a logical choice for me. :L

      Everybody is different, I suppose. I know I for one will not be satisfied with 480p once I get this device. Too many times have I had to convert all my videos to that or lower to even get them to play on my phone, but no more! I’ll be taking advantage of that high-resolution screen.

      I suppose that’s the key difference there: your tablet seems to be more for the kids than yourself. I’m sure you use it a lot but you also have to keep them in mind, and as you said, they probably don’t care about audio or video quality. (Being as much of an audiophile as one can be without highly expensive headphones, I certainly do.)
      I, on the other hand, do not have any kids, and this tablet’s going to be all for myself. 😉

    • IanDickson

      You’re right. It’s different strokes for different folks. And makes total sense. Do what you can with what you got.

    • Alucai Vivorvel


  • Jon

    Picked mine up at my local staples as soon as news broke this morning that they were in stock! Had to do some wiggling and begging to get it but I did!

    • Lionel Cai

      I got my local staples to one on hold for me…I went to pick it up 9 am…all were already sold out except mine…My staples opened at 8 am, apparently there was a line waiting for them to open…

  • aaron

    I just got two yesterday morning from Best Buy, no line up or anything.

  • RedBeaVeR

    Not to Canada…

    …but warranty replacement is always free.

  • 芳川

    4G LTE (Single US)!? Possible to use in Japan?

  • King_Hughes

    Where’s the phone?

  • William

    I just need to know when does the 32 gb come out in Canada

  • don

    Should I just get the 16GB? I can’t wait for the 32GB.

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