Sony Music Unlimited for iOS gains offline playback and high-quality tracks

Daniel Bader

July 12, 2013 3:30pm

Photo 7-11-2013, 10 27 44 PM Photo 7-11-2013, 10 28 24 PM

Sony’s Music Unlimited streaming service has always existed somewhat under the radar for the past few years, having taken a back seat to Rdio, Slacker Radio, Deezer and, to a lesser extent in Canada, Spotify and Pandora. But the service has constantly improved throughout that time, adding high-quality 320kbps playback, offline support and an improved interface to the Android app, which is the company’s primary focus.

But iOS has its place in the world of streaming services, with a huge install base and lots of music enthusiasts. The company has just updated its iOS app to match the Android feature list, bringing the aforementioned high-quality tracks and offline playback to the iPhone, alongside a refreshed interface and some stability improvements. Offline playback is limited to three devices, so you’re going to have to de-activate that old Android phone or PS3 before applying it.

Download Sony Music Unlimited for iOS.