Amazon Appstore for Android launches in Canada

Daniel Bader

May 22, 2013 4:45pm

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Amazon’s Android Appstore has finally launched in Canada after debuting on the U.S.-only Kindle Fire two years ago. The company announced it would be expanding to over 200 countries in the near future.

While the app selection isn’t as comprehensive as Google’s own Play Store, there is one distinct advantage over the official portal: a free app every day. Today’s free app, 10000000, is one of the better selections, so it’s a good idea to get on the download as soon as possible.

Amazon offers its Appstore as a third-party download, so you’ll need to check “Allow Unknown Sources” in your phone’s or tablet’s Settings/Developers or Settings/App menu to ensure it will install (instructions are on Amazon’s web site).

The main issue with any app’s downloaded from Amazon is that you must have the Appstore itself installed to use the corresponding downloads. Remove the APK and you lose the ability to launch any connected apps. This won’t be an issue for many users, but it may get confusing and/or frustrating for those who tire of the secondary app portal but want to maintain the ability to use those free daily apps.

Amazon has in the past secured some short-term exclusive titles, so it may be a good idea to keep it hanging around on your phone until you need something specific.

Just a quick note: some Canadian users are reporting issues with downloading apps, but we haven’t experienced any of those issues. Make sure that if you have an and account, you sign into the latter.

Download Amazon Appstore for Android.

Via: Android Police

  • tr0tsky

    What if your login for and are the same email/password? There’s no way to specify what account you want to use.

  • park kyokeun

    Got it… Thanks 🙂


    Is the free app of the day only for that day, or does it mark it as “purchased” for re-downloads?

    • park kyokeun

      i dunno. they sent me an email saying that i purchased it (paid 0 bucks, of course) so i think you can redownload it later

    • Salinger

      You’re the only one I’ve seen yet able to d/l anything. Every other Canadian (myself included) on various android forums, are getting country/geographical errors. 🙁

    • park kyokeun

      Mine is com account.. Probably why? I could’ve accessed app store before, but I just couldn’t purchase anything

  • iPhone’s Bro

    Too little too late. Amazon is out of this game.

  • Kody

    I have a .com and .ca account, and signed in with my .com account with no issues. 10000000 is up and running just fine.

  • Salinger

    It tells me “country settings not supported” even though it confirms I’m set to ??

  • Mojo

    Hmmm Amazon is remembering we have smartphones in Canada too.

  • Bodmon

    It wont work on my Samsung Galaxy S2 t989. It says that theres geographical issues :S

  • Miguel Reimer

    I had the same issue with the country changing message, but i managed to get it working. After finding no way in the app to sign out, I followed PC troubleshooting 101 – uninstall amazon appstore, reinstall, and sign back in. Once i did that, the free app successfully installed.

    I’m guessing this will be an issue for anyone who had installed and signed into the app before today like me.

  • Khristopher Ranger

    All the stuff on there seems so crappy. I don’t know why anyone would want this?