Amazon Appstore for Android will be available in Canada “in the coming months”


  • Wayne Deleersnyder

    Hmmm… will there be a price difference between Amazon Apps and Google Play Apps? Or the same price?

  • Norman Nguyen

    Way to by-pass: buying a Kindle Fire & register it under a US address!

    • Michele Delgado

      Wouldn’t you also need a US credit card to purchase paid apps

    • evosero

      As I understand you can get online-only credit cards, kind of like a prepaid Visa that exists only online, that can be used either without an address or masking your address.

      Haven’t used one myself but I understand that it’s a method to sign up for region-specific services.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Amazon-“anything” seems pointless outside of the USA. Just a watered-down version.

  • selonmoi

    Didn’t they say that about the MP3 store… three years ago?

  • TP

    Unless Amazon offers the same apps at cheaper prices, what’s the point of having one more appstore app on my phone, which should have less number of apps than google play?

  • Haxor99

    It seems to me the reason for this is so Amazon can create android devices that will not have the Google play store, instead it will come stock with their playstore.

  • awhite2600

    I don’t see the point here. What will the Amazon store offer that would make it a better alternative to the Google store? For developers – why would I want to list my app with Amazon?

    • TomsDisqusted

      Amazon offers a completely different pricing and renumeration model then Google’s play store. As well, the mere fact of an alternative keeps a little heat on Google to not e.g. go like Apple and start blocking apps that provide unwanted competition.

    • silver_arrow

      Well with Android apps from here are treated the same as apps you sideload on which is exactly what blocked apps are

  • c0bra

    If they don’t offer the free app of the day like in the US then this will be useless to me.

  • DrCarpy

    as many others have already stated…what’s the point now? We don’t get the same vendors and pricing here, so why bother? The world is now a global village, so why cordon off sections to gerrymander rules? Pretty senseless.

  • Michele Lord

    Looking at buying a nabi 2 which seems to be linked with the amazon apps store. I’m wondering if the apps I’ve already paid for on Google play will have to be bought again through amazon apps?