Press for Android updated with DashClock extension support

Daniel Bader

February 16, 2013 9:55am

Press, one of our favourite Google Reader apps, has been updated to include support for our favourite lockscreen widget app, DashClock.

The latter is being developed by a Google employee, Roman Nurik, as a side project, and replaces the stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean lockscreen clock with something a bit more versatile. The app is extensible, and developers like the two-man team behind press can add support for DashClock by adding a bit of code. By default it allows you to see missed calls, weather, text messages and upcoming calendar appointments. The free lockscreen clock replacement has amassed over 50,000 downloads since its release last week, and it is only compatible with Android 4.2+ devices.

Press, like Falcon Pro before it, adds an unread articles count and allows users to quickly jump into the app.

The new version of Press also fixes a number of bugs from the last version. The team says it is working on a bit feature update for 1.2, which is said to be coming in a few weeks.

Download Press for Android.

  • Rick


  • nik

    whats the point? with custom roms or with samsung roms you get this anyway lol

    • Patty

      Ya but then you’d be using a crappy Samsung phone with crappy Touchwiz.

    • S2556

      you do not get lock screen widgets on sammy custom ROMs they are not on 4.2
      If you get a custom 4.2 ROM like AOKP then you will get the less functional stock version that dashclock replaces.
      This is not just a lock screen you can swipe left to other widgets or right to the camera

  • andy c

    Love dash clock. One of the must have apps for a nexus 4

  • Brandon Liu

    So which app do I have to download to get my homescreen to look like the one in the original post?

  • Brandon Liu

    Correction: I meant lockscreen.

  • LookWhatICanDo

    Doesn’t work on my Note 2 on Rogers. Ugh 🙁

  • PGill

    Tried this on my N4 but I don’t see the lock screen at all.

    • scrooge

      The instructions on how to set it as your default lockscreen are in the app details on the play store

  • PGill

    Thanks for your advice. It is working now.

  • Brandon Liu

    Just updated my S3 to CM10.1 but I still cannont download the app. Any help?