Bluelounge Milo Review: a functional and elegant smartphone dock on the cheap


It’s not every day that a small aluminum smartphone dock that costs $29.95 invokes a “Wow” from my mouth, but the Bluelounge Milo is no ordinary dock.

Its main selling point is its “Japanese-designed” microsuction pads on the front and bottom which, without leaving any residue, secures your smartphone or tablet in place. It doesn’t work on every surface, but the Milo had no issues with my Nexus 4, iPhone 5 or BlackBerry Z10.

Designed from a single piece of curved aluminum, the Milo also works as a regular portrait- or landscape-oriented stand, as there is a rubber bottom that holds your device in place even when not securely affixed to the suction. Because the bottom also contains this material, it’s very difficult to move the base once in place. Cleaning the Milo is as easy as sticking a couple pieces of transparent tape to the suction areas.

A plastic version is available for $14.95, but there’s no reason not to spend the money for the aluminum version. It keeps your phone at a perfect angle for watching media or using as an alarm clock.

Check out the Bluelounge Milo stand.

Highly Recommended