Bluelounge Milo Review: a functional and elegant smartphone dock on the cheap


  • Dave

    Will it work with the sort or textured backing of an S2X (similar for example as the backing of the N7)

  • Matt

    I got the plastic one last week and there is a huge problem I have with it: Removing the phone is a challenge. I was worried that I’d pull the glass off my phone.

    For devices that do not have a smooth back (Nexus 7, most HTC phones, etc…) there is a lip which helps keep the device in place. I have my N7 on it right now. Not the most sturdy thing, tapping the sides of the display make it fall off.

  • Robert

    If this sticky material is anything like the sticky of the Clingo series of mounts, then yes, it will hold the S2X and N7. I have both and both stick to the Clingo mount (although the N7 is a tad heavy for the smaller mount I have)

  • Rich

    I’d like something this elegant to mount my nexus 4 on my cars dash.

  • Nate

    Bought one a few weeks ago. Love it.

    Holds the Nexus 4 like glue, absolutely no concern of it dropping when swiping or typing. Only issue is microUSB plugin on bottom means you have to move it higher when trying to charge at the same time.

  • Rich

    Did any of you happen to get one of these anywhere in Toronto?

  • Sean Lumly

    $29.95 for what amounts to a piece of bent metal with some rubber on the end is “cheap”? I have purchased more complex objects at dollarama. The ‘micro-suction’ could easily be replaced with a thin layer of flexible silicon (also once available at the dollarama), or soft rubber. Certainly the design is nice, and it seems moderately functional, but there is nothing really cheap about this stand.

    • JohnN

      “$29.95 for what amounts to a piece of bent metal with some rubber on the end is “cheap”? ”

      Can you inform us where to get it for less?


    • Rich

      You’re right. With shipping and taxes it’s about $40. A little steep. $20 more and I may as well buy an orb for my nexus 4.

      Found a store in Toronto selling them. If I can get the plastic one for ~$15 I’ll go for it.

    • Slarmon


  • JohnN

    “There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey.”
    — John Ruskin quote

  • EmperumanV

    This does nothing like a simple task of charging your phone? Pfft… I think I might pass but it looks good nevertheless…

  • cellgeek

    This appears to be a stand, not a dock.