Samsung devices comprise nearly half of this ad company’s Android impressions

Daniel Bader

December 19, 2012 5:25pm

Millennial Media serves mobile ads to millions of websites so it has access to accurate data set when it comes to mobile device usage. Its latest infographic, titled 2012 Mobile Highlights, impresses upon us the rise of Samsung in North America as we approach the end of the calendar year.

Indeed, the Korean company made up 46% of Millennial’s Android-based impressions, doubling its 23% number at the end of 2011. Not only has this displaced HTC at the head of the class, but it has taken down Motorola and LG with it.

The numbers are pretty astonishing. HTC halved its 32% market share between December 2011 and 2012, as did Motorola, dropping from 22% to 11%. LG dropped, too, but less: 16% to 9%. The chart also underscores the rise of “the others” in the Android field, namely Huawei, ZTE and, perhaps most importantly, Sony. A report out of the U.K. last week indicated that Sony had displaced HTC as the second-largest Android OEM over there, so it’s good to see at least one other company finding success with its mobile phone endeavours.

HTC is also rumoured to have slowed its Q1 production for next year as demand — and available cash — dries up.

Keep in mind these figures relate solely to ad impressions, and don’t accurately reflect worldwide or even North American market share, but rather the makeup of web browsing activity across one ad network. Nevertheless, they do reflect a quickly-changing mobile landscape that depicts Samsung at the top and everyone else clawing to stay afloat.

See the rest of the infographic — including information pertaining to the growing popularity of the iPad and iPad mini — at Millennial Media.
Via: TechCrunch

  • Vengefulspirit99

    considering Samsung tops all in the phones sold department so this is hardly unexpected

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      Whoo, Samsung for the sheep!

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    Palm.. where are you??

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    RIP RIM!!! 😀 😀

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      RIM is not Android

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      The toilet paper is out of stock in aisle three and the feminine products are running low in aisle 8. Get back to your day job before the boss sees you

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    lol HTC

  • Dalex

    Samsung is the only one that knows how to run their smartphone business intelligently by releasing phones on multiple carriers and advertising them to us till our eyes and ears bleed.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Pretty easy to do when you flood the market with phones.

  • Jack

    How long before some boob mistakes this for “market share”.