SwiftKey Flow beta test almost ready, found lurking in Verizon Galaxy Note II

Daniel Bader

November 30, 2012 3:07pm

SwiftKey sent us an email today stating that its Flow keyboard is almost ready for prime time. Well, as a beta at least. The company touted its newest creation in October, and promised a subsequent release before the end of the year. We saw an input system that combined the best of SwiftKey and Swype, and it came only days before Google announced its own glide-based input system on Android 4.2.

Yesterday, when the Verizon Galaxy Note II was released, it was discovered that SwiftKey Flow is built right into Samsung’s own default keyboard. While it was not mentioned anywhere in the release notes, it seems that the Korean company saw the future and anchored it into its own brand. Strangely, it seems that the company still offers Swype as an alternative.

You can take a look at Phandroid’s hands-on with SwiftKey Flow below, and prepare yourself for yet another choice in the Android keyboard market.

Via: Phandroid

  • Jeff

    uh… I had this with my note 2 before…

  • John

    Bye Bye Swype

  • DanBDan

    The Galaxy Note II has a ppi of 285 over 5.5″, the Nokia Lumia 920 I got from Microsoft has a ppi of 330 over 4.5″. I wasn’t ever worried because I unreservedly say it’s the best phone ever, and once the OS updates come I won’t hesitate to use it every day

    Nice try troll

  • Richard

    I can’t wait!

  • iFizzle

    How was Swype not able to patent their software but Apple was allowed to patent “rectangle with rounded corners” and “colorful square icons with evenly rounded corners”.. WTF 0.0

  • S2556

    It’s not the full version though. It is more of a Lite version.
    droid life talks about it here: goo.gl/2wrom