Galaxy S III now available at Koodo for $550


  • Alex

    Laughed at the price. Glad I received my Nexus 4 yesterday.

  • Frank

    100 bucks cheaper than telus or rogers and Bell? Is this the same version? Telus will have to match!

    • Howdidyougetthere

      What do you mean by Telus will have to match? Do they actually match prices their prices to Koodo if asked? Just asking.

    • TELUS


    • Ryan E

      Telus will not match. Koodo sells Telus phones for less. Ex S2X for $300 bs Telus’ $600.

      Not sure why you’re saying Telus has to match.. Koodo will always be lower for the same device. But you have to front some cash b/c of the tab. It’s worth it, though.

      As an aside – if you’re on a Telus contract good f-ing luck getting a deal on an early upgrade. Even if your phone is buggy or stolen, they will NOT help you. I was with them almost 5 years (albeit not consecutively) and they were rude to me. Koodo on the other hand has cleared my tab over a stolen phone and also reduced is $50 here and $40 there _simply for asking_.

  • Shamu

    Nice job Koodo. Your lineup is getting much better. How about Note 2 now or the X+?

  • Bumbles

    See, Everybody’s doin’ it! Come on Fido!

  • John

    Bad El Tabador!

  • deltatux

    Kind of sad that Mobilicity and WIND are selling the Galaxy S III higher than Koodo… At least Koodo’s prices reflect the prices of the International version of the Galaxy S III sold in Canada at retailers like NewEgg for around $550 – $570.

  • skazzers

    Halo Toronto? Nice phone! Does it hot?

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Why would you pay this kind of money out right when you can pick up a great phone like the NEXUS 4 for $359 (unlocked)

  • heehaw


    Well comarade probably becuase it may not be until next year before you can get the Gnex4 in Canada. Just read a story over at androidcanada where they are limiting them in the states, backorders taking weeks, and we’re the USA’s little sister when it comes to stock so may not be until Q1 2013 befofe we see any. 🙁

  • mike

    @ Sgr.Romanov,,,, Perhaps people want the S3 because of higher memory capacity. The Nexus 4 is kind of a joke with only 8gb and 16gb, I picked up the S3 because I like a removable micro Sd Card and lots of internal memory. Even the 16gb Nexus 4 isn’t enough for me, I have 16gb of just music, then what, where would I be able to hold all my apps and pictures? yes the price of the nexus 4 is good, but the phone itself may not be good for some people, like myself.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      The joke is you people paying $600 + for a phone now thats a joke in itself

  • aklsdjf

    what a joke. $400 for a phone ON THE TAB? this is why koodo’s tab option is flawed. just get on the tab+ bandwagon already. no teenager (main demographic) will want to pay $400 for a phone.

    • Ryan E

      You have to be kidding..

      Did you know that Virgin’s SuperTab is more of a commitment than their contracts? I hope you didn’t get suckered into that..

      It takes longer to pay off the SuperTab than 3 years even if you had a huge bill each month. It’s a scam!

      Koodo’s Tab is has a responsible $150 starting point (it goes up to $300 if you don’t use off-the-bat, btw) so no one is going to get in over their head or blame Koodo for still carrying a balance 4 years into their service.

      Pay the money up front. It’s worth it. And Koodo always seems to be willing to chop a little bit of your tab balance off if you call and ask. Good luck getting Virgin to do that.

  • allanw

    Besides low memory and the chance that google might limit Canadians access to LTE in a future update. What about Nexus 4’s camera is reported to be quite inferior to the S3. Not to mention the Nexus having a glass back and breaking very easily.

    – I wanted a Nexus 4 until these reviews came in.

  • Techie01

    @alan do you even know what LTE is ? Because your post says you don’t

  • Jon

    This phone ships with 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. I have verified this just now.

  • bob

    Nexus 4 is a better deal

  • Gary

    Jelly bean out of the box? With $ 100 gift certificate on new activations, with the $ 57 plan not a bad deal 🙂

    • Cayaguy

      Gary, you can’t get the $57 dollar plan unless you buy the phone outright not using the tab. so its 440 with the 100 dollar gift card vs 550 full price. Same thing for the iphones you have to purchase them outright without a tab to get the non iphone plans.

    • Ryan E

      That’s not correct. You can use any plan you want on the tab. That’s the point of it..

      The iPhones are an exception (the only one) to the rule.

  • pats

    expect an s3 price drop near the holidays, with the nexus 4 still sold out people will turn to other options. Google is losing money every second the nexus is not in stock, what a joke.

  • MaX

    @Cayaguy No, actually it’s the opposite. You HAVE to use the tab in order to get the gift card while activating.

  • jack

    knew this s**t wasnt going to be cheap and some guy thought it was gonna be 400$ in another mobilesyrup thread lol. u really thought koodo would take that much of a hit on the hardware?

  • screamer

    Nexus 4? Good on no contract but when sign a contract you get better phones. 16Gig mhhh what a joke…

  • screamer

    You can get a used S3 for 300$ and that is a deal.

  • Jigab

    Any phone can be used with the $57 plan with Koodo. Whether you bring in a Note 2 or use an old 9300BB. The exception is the iPhone on the 3 year plan. But you can still use the $57 plan if you take the iPhone with the tab.

    Also, the gift card applies to mostly all the phones, excluding the iPhone on the 3yr term.

  • fboivin

    Yesterday i bought a samsung galaxy s3, but when i turn on the phone i dont see any koodo Branding, can somebody know it this samsung galaxy s3 is Lock ?