Rogers creates OS upgrade schedule, declares Ice Cream Sandwich is coming for many “Early September”

Ian Hardy

August 20, 2012 1:40pm

Following TELUS, Rogers has come out with its own OS upgrade schedule. Currently there’s only Android devices on the list, but here’s what you can expect within the coming month:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected “Early September”
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected “Early September”
Sony Xperia Arc S (LT18a) upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected “Early September”
Sony Xperia Arc (LT15a) upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected “Early September”
Sony Xperia Mini Pro (SK17a) upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected “Early September”
Motorola Razr (XT910) upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) is expected “Late August”

Good to see more carriers putting this kind of list together. This must make customers happy. Rogers notes that these are “tentative dates” and they will “update often as information is available.”

Source: Rogers
(Thanks Dimitri!)

  • JesseS

    Or could have used the global firmware months ago, i doubt these from rogers will even be 4.04… boooo

    • Andy

      Direct from the link. Version may be different, so you could possibly receive 4.0.4.

      * exact version may be different by device
      **release dates are subject to change
      ***all brand names & logos are trademarks of their respective owners

  • Mischa Price

    oh my telus xperia got its update in june which was 2 months aftr sony release the update for sim free devices

  • mauricio

    what about lg optimus 3d ?

    • NienorGT

      Well, I think the issue isn’t Rogers but LG in that case…
      Good luck with them =/
      (Google LG Optimus 2x ICS to see why I say this)

  • Jacquio

    Good to see the Razr being upgraded finally. Late August is a far cry from the originally promised “6 weeks from the ICS release”. Better late than never…

  • Fred

    I couldn’t wait – installed ICS on my Xperia Arc already – works like a charm by the way…just remember to root it and remove all the Rogers bloatware!

  • Danifunker

    All those naysayers, late august / early september, we’re talking like in the next 3-4 weeks at the latest for most phones!

  • Dalex

    This is cute, but this is ICS… I’m running JB on my One X and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

  • Jesse

    Late august for the RAZR? It’s already August 20, lets see if Rogers/Moto can keep their promise this time.

    • jay

      it is now august 29th, and still no RAZR XT910 update that is supposedly available—-end of august, according to Rogers, is a “tentative” date—–as the saying goes: patience is a virtue!!!!

  • Irwin

    Any word on an updates list from Bell, mainly for the Samsung Galaxy SII HD LTE? Last I heard was August and mentioned above it is already the 20th.

  • Gregg

    Still no word on Sony Ion LTE (Good reason it’s $0-$49 on term) which shipped July 2012 with Gingerbread. Just got confirmation that Samsung S3 has been shipped to replace.

  • Mukrenol

    Now I wonder will they have a schedule for fido’s phones also… They are… Still related…

  • Mike

    How about jelly bean for my Galaxy NEXUS… Wtf I thought I was first in line!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    This is why I ditched my RAZR and rogers.
    Almost a year since the phone came out, and still no ICS.
    I’ll be surprised if it happens before Septemeber

  • ak

    XPERIA ION? ??!!

  • kes

    no Samsung Galaxy Glide update? 🙁

  • sr5

    does noone realize that by september, ICS would have already been out for 10 months.. and ppl are excited about this. ridiculous. i’m already on 4.1.1. b***h please

  • Stefanie

    Not that this list actually gives very good info, but its about time they release a schedule.

  • J

    Hope there is an update for the Glide as well 😉

  • kspraydad

    My Arc from Rogers just upgraded tonight through Sonys PC Companion software to 41b0587 which is ICS no?

  • nick

    so all these updates and still no word on the ion?….

  • ace

    Couldn’t wait forever. Flashes my galaxy nexus to jroo3c build to get 4.1 from Google…. big 3… way to slow down progress!

  • Tang

    Let me start by saying I love my RAZR. But seriously, Rogers. I can walk into a Bell store and buy a RAZR V with ICS. What’s the delay? We are getting ICS when Jelly Bean is already available? These upgrades have to happen much faster.

  • dmerc62

    Maybe someone better let rogers now that they should be working on Jelly Beans on all their newer devices instead of working on something that is older.. Just saying

  • Sumit

    Updates are now available for Rogers version of HTC Raider, EVO 3D, Galaxy Note, Xperia arc and Xperia arc S. The list has been updated.

  • Rutul