Nokia Lumia 710 now available at MTS

Manitoba regional carrier MTS has released their first Windows Phone powered device, the Nokia Lumia 710. This entry level handset can be yours for $29.99 on a 3-year and ranges upward to $279.99 outright – which is the most expensive price in Canada.

If you’re unfamiliar with the specs of the 710, a refresher has this coming with OS 7.5 Mango, 3.7-inch display a 5MP camera that shoots 720p HD videos, WiFi and a 1.4Ghz Snapdragon processor. Check out out full review here.

Source: MTS
(Thanks Shawn!)

  • Gary

    awesome phone

  • aviking

    Garbage company…MTS that is.

  • Elmwoodie

    It is MTS’s best phone now.
    Rogers will likely share the 900 with them in November (when Rogers has moved on to a Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia).

  • EvanK

    What? MTS actually RELEASED a phone? Their last two devices were the 4S and the 9900 mid to late last year.

    It’s nice to see this, some decent phones on their network now!

  • InfinitiGuy

    Too bad it’s running a garbage OS.

  • Big Ang

    Ugh…. 3 year contracts…..

    I like this phone, I’m using one myself, but a 3 year contract? No way.

    Windows Phone 7.5 is a good OS, and will continue to be good, but 18-24 months from now WP7 users will start to feel left behind (the same way most Android customers feel about 12 months after their purchase).

    3 year contracts are awful. For example, if you bought a Palm Pre the FIRST day it went on sale in Canada, you would STILL be under contract today!

  • shoo

    and only 79.99 dollars more than wind mobile. yikes.

  • Sid

    Outdated and overpriced, yep that’s MTS.

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