Samsung debuts 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 with ICS

Daniel Bader

February 13, 2012 8:54am

Samsung has done either the obvious or the impossible, depending on who you ask, and debuted yet another Galaxy Tab choice. The 7-inch tablet is the official successor to the Froyo-equipped Galaxy Tab, the one that ostensibly started it all.

And what does this follow-up have to offer? A 1Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 3MP back camera sans flash and a VGA front camera. The 7″ display is a non-AMOLED 1024×600 PLS LCD and it will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. Along with the requisite WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth inclusions are 8, 16 or 32GB of storage, a microSD card slot and Samsung’s proprietary charging port. There is also optional HSPA+ connectivity up to 21Mbps. Battery comes in at a reasonable 4000mAh.

Software is equipped with TouchWIZ, including Kies Air, ChatON Messenger and Samsung’s custom DLNA player. The four “Hubs” are being ported over, too, from Music to Reading to Games to Social.

Overall dimensions are 194 x 122 x 10.5mm, so this is least svelte, and likely least expensive, tablet we’ve been Samsung debut in the last year.

The tablet should be hitting the U.K. in March, though no word on Canadian availability. What do you think? Now that we have a Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 Plus, 8.9 LTE, 10.1 and soon the phablet Galaxy Note, do you think there is a place for this one in the line-up?

Source: Slashgear

  • SAM


  • MAS

    y u need to CAPS?

    • Guy

      Cruise control for cool

  • Rick Lowes

    I’m usually not the one to point this out, but you’ve got some bad typos here…2 in one sentence.

    “so this is least svelte” …. “tablet we’ve been Samsung”

    And by “least svelte” are you saying it’s the bulkiest so far this year?

  • Nick

    ChatON? That’s not in Canada yet :/

    • shawn

      It sure is in Canada check the market again. Chaton Canada

  • gjac0m

    So, that’s a Galaxy Tab 7 Plus with Android 4.0. Useless product.

  • JV

    Um this tablet is Exacty the same as the Galaxy tab 7.0 Plus with the only difference being ICS in place of Honey comb. I kow, i have 7.0 Plus i had imported from the US. Kinda dissapointed.

  • mike

    and it still spanks the

    • Geoff

      Still? You say that like electronics age better with time. I was thinking of it the exactly opposite way; it has nearly the same specs as the playbook even though it’s being released a year later and likely for more money. I’m starting to like the playbook even more.

  • montrealer

    I thought it was a Samsung Note…

    • SAM


  • Tom

    Actually, I think 7″ is perfect for a mobile tablet – it fits nicely in all my jacket pockets.

    Certainly Samsung has too many tablet models – and too little support – but I’m glad to see them pushing the 7″ models.

  • Crunch204

    If thy price this right as an entry level tablet, it will be a hit

  • Matt

    Im more interested in the 7.7 tab as this looks to be the 7 Plus… Maybe renaming it for other locations and preloading ICS? Because it looks really similar otherwise.

  • ELNY

    7″ is too small for tablets and too close to the newer 5″ phones. I think the perfect number is 8.9″ for mobility and 10″ for being at home.

  • @zzo

    Anyone know the dates when ICS is released for the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

  • Francois

    LCD screen from samsung?

  • Andrew

    I’m very tempted by the 7.7, available from Negri in AZ and on eBay direct from HKG. Has a SUPER AMOLED Plus screen and I think it’s 16:10 instead of 16:9 so only 3mm longer and 13mm wider, also 5g lighter than the 7.0 Plus.

    The 7.0 Plus is now U$350 almost everywhere and the 7.7 is U$550-U$600. Both WiFi only and 16GB.


  • HTCmachin

    I am currently looking to get a tablet and if this thing is $199 I will pick one up but I wont pay a dime over that. I might as well wait for the 7′ Prime quad core for $250 in July.

  • June Peter

    It sucks that Canada always has to wait for later release dates and updates with everything. I have been looking for a tablet and i think the TAB 2 will be perfect.
    Icecream sandwich, SD card, and it’s 250$. It beats the BB playbook and the Kindle Fire. WHEN IS THE CANADIAN RELEASE DATE???