Confirmed: Koodo Mobile to release the iPhone 4

Ian Hardy

June 9, 2011 8:48am

Koodo Mobile will in fact be grabbing hold of the iPhone 4. We let you know a couple days ago that this rumour might come true, but you can see by this internal screenshot that the device is coming soon in all flavours. Both the iPhone 4 16 and 32GB models in white and black.

The price points are not confirmed, but this is what we’re hearing: $500 with the Tab or $160 with an unheard of 3-year contract on Koodo. In addition, there will apparently be two plans:

250 daytime minutes, Unlimited evenings and weekends, Unlimited Messaging, 500MB data, Voice mail

500 daytime minutes, Unlimited evenings and weekends, Unlimited messaging, 1GB data, Voice mail

We’ll have more info soon!
(Thanks tipsters!)

  • Adi

    This is sickening. Please Apple release the iPhone 4S/5 already with 1.7Ghz band so that we can actually use it without being raped by the big 3 !!


  • Oshawapilot

    Colour me unimpressed with the plan offerings. Nothing earth shaking there, that’s for sure…

  • chall2k5

    1GB am I reading that right?

  • Milpool

    Wow those plans are terrible. They are supposed to be a budget brand. Even with the Big 3, $55 will get you 200 minutes, 6pm evenings and weekends, unlimited SMS/MMS, 1 GB of data, voicemail (with Telus, at least), call waiting, conference calling, and of course, unlimited airtime and long distance with any 10 numbers across Canada.

  • caplin

    Who would go for this I wonder? Get a similar plan on robellus and you’ll be entitled to retentions after 3 years.
    Also, no callerid… wtf?

  • David

    Koodo is just another wolf, disguised in a sheep’s outfit.

  • woot

    3 years contract? and they were bashing contracts since the begenning…

  • JCEE

    1GB lololololol

  • Rookie

    And I am suppose to pay that much , just becuase i want to use Iphone ? ..

  • Guy

    Maybe they’ll offer it on the tab with any plan

  • crunch204

    LOL. Forget that. Virgin has same deal (as far as tab/3yr) but their fab10 plans beat out koodo/fido any day

  • Jay

    Why the heck would you buy an iPhone from Koodo with the same “boxed” Apple plans everyone else has?

    Not to mention, $500 is pretty much equal to the MAXIMUM Cancelation Fee of the competition. You get to pay that up front? That’s just brutal.

  • Jim R

    Lackluster plans and contracts. It sounds like Koodo may be trying to follow in Fido’s footsteps. Sigh.

  • Big 3

    These plans are same as Fido ones for their iPhone. Not sure why people still love the big 3

    • Jay

      That’s because the plans are pre-built by Apple, and they’re garbage. But at least with Fido you can use their regular plans on your iPhone. Hopefully you can with them too.

    • Adam

      Rogers/Bell/Telus give you much better plans. Those ones listed are pure garbage.

  • Don

    Wow, 1GB of data for $80/month. Telus has no idea what this “competition” thing is.

  • Darknight

    And what about those who already managed to have their iphone4 work with Koodo… Koodo still have reasonable plans combined with their data-flex rates.

  • Jesse

    Wow…..those are retarded plans.

  • strikerx

    well u could just buy an unlocked iphone and grab a normal sim and cut it into a micro sim… then grab a legit plan like unlimited $35+ data saver

    im on wind >>>blackberry bold 9780
    $35>> UNlimited call text and data <<<i knwo u wants

  • asdlgjkas

    i’d go for a 3yr contract on the nexus s. 🙂
    if i buy for 275 on tab, i’d prob use for atleast 3 yr anyway

  • Framer

    3 year plan same as leasing a laptop for three years. Oh yah, got to buy the gas from same person you lease from. Discount for owned hardware only way to go. Swith plans every month.

  • Therealone


  • TheDeysion

    3-year Contract Equivealent? Koodo Is Falling!!

  • FuRrY321

    This can’t be right. I call BS. Who says that screenshot is real, anyway? Looks like any random picture taken off of a CRT monitor on Notepad/Wordpad.
    And if this story, and those “plans” are real…
    well, I wasn’t planning on buying an iPhone, anyway.