Image: Who’s suing who over mobile patents

Kate O'Brien

October 6, 2010 4:21pm

Mobile patents are a big deal and it seems that mobile manufacturers are suing each other on a daily basis. Microsoft is going after Motorola for their Android lineup. Apple is suing HTC for patent infringement. Nokia is going head to head against Apple, Qualcomm and LG. Kodak is taking on both Apple and Samsung… the list is long and thanks to the Guardian for putting this diagram together for a brief look at who’s suing who.

Update: Another chart has surfaced that gives a bit more info on who’s suing who. Check it out after the break

Source: The Guardian & The Daily

  • DrewNL

    This graphic is all wrong. It doesn’t even match with what you say in the caption at the bottom!

  • Dead Snoopy

    Google isn’t suing anyone? But…how can I take them seriously then?!

  • Zeake

    Nokia seems to be right in the thick of things eh?

  • TomatoGuy

    No wonder all new smartphones are so expensive since a lot of money goes into the pockets of lawyers.

  • Stimulator

    Looks like Nokia is the main trouble maker. I guess when you’re the world’s biggest maker of phones you can afford to sue everybody that makes products you’re jealous of.

  • J.B.

    Well at least Microsoft is not getting sued….yet!

  • najib

    Looks Funny, suing each other :

  • 9800 degrees

    Haha awesome chart. Throw them all into a ring and award the team that comes out alive!

  • 5Gs

    lmao so basically we should all sue every one

  • Jordan

    I wouldn’t want to be suing Google. They could have you friggin’ wacked!

  • 5Gs

    Publicity stunt lol!

  • Samia

    Yay! Good times for lawyers!!

  • BlackberryLoverr


    -14 year old that is a proud owner of a bb bold 9700