WSJ: CDMA and 5th generation iPhone currently in development


  • Coldbones

    I think it will look like crap!

  • Rogerswind

    a new form will hurt the one’s buying one now.

  • DrewNL

    It won’t look anything like that photo, that’s for sure. That photo is an old fan concept.

  • Gussy

    Doesn’t make sense to change design again, unless they have too for the antennae. I also don’t think they will make a CDMA version. If you look international, CDMA is a dying breed, why waste money on that. Better to spend the money on 4G.

    • Ethan

      Why waste money on a CDMA? Hmmmmmm… maybe because Big Red is one of if not the biggest cellular company(s) in the world! If Verizon asks you to make a phone you don’t say no! They say jump and you say how high! If you wanna make money as a cell phone maker you get your brand onto Verizon. Nuff said.

  • Larry

    From what I have read Verizion is going LTE.Witch is 4g.I hope were not going to have 8mts of iPhone rummers.

  • Neil

    iphone 5? You can’t even get an iphone 4!

    • BlueBomber

      I cant hear you over the 13 sitting in my cupboard for 4/5 carriers… -_-

  • Canadianman20

    I think they are missing something. Apple is probably developing a LTE model of the iPhone that uses CDMA as a fallback. It will be announced when Verizon launches there 4G network. RIM is doing the same thing. The Storm 3 will have LTE and CDMA fallback.

  • mario83

    i call Bs on this, CDMA is pretty much dead also these verizon is getting the iphone rumours have been going on 3 years, lol verizon had their chance to get the iphone and they turned it down (understandly, they didnt know it would be a hit, everybody said apple was nuts when they annouced they were making a phone)

  • Mac

    Why will you not die CDMA

  • criminalogic

    IDK but that image is sexi as hell..
    if it wasnt running iOS i’d get one for sure .

  • jaekyung

    So much for the waiting list

  • Regulator

    I don’t think its safe to call any of the CDMA networks dead, the providers will use them until they have no choice otherwise. They can put budget brands on there, or lease to businesses etc. Both Bell & Telus have alot invested in that technology still.

  • Simon

    So that means that the iPhone 4g won’t be supported sometime next summer. Thank god I didn’t by an iPhone.

  • thekardigankid

    I think Apple is more interested in developing the CDMA iPhone for the millions upon millions of users in China who are on a CDMA network over there, a market that is only just opening up to Apple now.

    We live in a global market place, and while an iPhone on Version will help open things up, China is the biggest piece to this CDMA iPhone puzzle.

  • Grantdude

    They should do the same antenna as the Motorola StarTac phones. You have to pull it out of the side before answering.

  • Moe Arkanhine

    CDMA, no one likes you. Go away.

  • moo

    cdma is the better technology. the only thing going for gsm is they adopted the sim card so you can swap phones easily