Bell attempts to sell “refreshed” iPhone 3G by offering bonus Apple dock

Kate O'Brien

September 28, 2010 3:34pm

“Refreshed” phones are refurbished phones with a nice clean name to them. Bell started to sell refreshed iPhones back on July 13th and they are “gently used… and have passed rigorous quality assurance testing”. In addition, Bell gives a 90-day warranty for any refreshed iPhone purchase. With all this said Bell has just put together a new offer to get rid of the now outdated refreshed iPhone 3G by included Apple Dock. This tempting you now?

Via: Bell

  • Sébastien Brassard

    tempting ?? HELL NOOO!

  • Cybik

    I’d take one… At 10$, with the dock, and without a contract.

    And I’d shove openiBoot and Android on the thing.


  • Adi

    No. Just NO. It’s a 3 year old phone !!! One would have to be out his/her mind to even consider signing a contract for this thing.


  • Rob Brown

    $350 without a 3 year contract.Waste of ad space in my opinion.

    450 for the refurb GS. How dumb does bell have to get before they understand why people dont like them

  • zorxd

    They should sell it for $50 without a contract instead.

  • schultzter

    They’re $10 with a 3-year contract; $350 no-contract!!! You can get a brand new phone from a current line-up for less than that!

  • yha

    even $10 without contract is a maybe for me!

  • MyLiveSpot

    Dear Bell, please do not insult us with such offers! A piece of $hit with a cherry on top is still a piece of $hit!

    Piece of $hit = Old Outdated Phone with 3 year contract
    Cherry on Top = Apple Dock

  • TomatoGuy

    Must be really slow day for MobileSyrup today. This offer from Bell is super bad and for sure doesn’t deserve any media attention.

  • Ivan

    Maybe for a basic plan, but $50 data, I don’t think so.

  • Jon

    Bell is the worst company I have ever self with. Their phone agents are all frog i****s and I will never deal with them.

  • Jon

    Dealt with**