Videotron: 3G+ network is “coming up fast”

Kate O'Brien

December 22, 2009 11:27am

A couple weeks back Manon Brouillette, the Executive VP, Strategy and Market development for Videotron wrote an interesting piece on the current and future state of Canadian wireless.

In the article she wrote that “The fact that Canadians have now two (not three – the Telus-Bell network is but one network) of the fastest wireless data networks in the world is indeed remarkable…. The key ingredient in the Canadian wireless marketplace in 2009, the ingredient that has fostered the investments by Bell, Rogers and Telus in network upgrades, the ingredient that has seen the elimination of system access fees first by the incumbent flanker brands, Koodo, Solo and Fido, and then by all of the incumbents – is competition. The competition that was fostered by the Canadian Government in the last wireless spectrum auction.”

Videotron is poised to launch their new network in the coming months and really become a dominant player. They have updated their website to let customers (current or potentially new) that the new 3G+ network is coming soon. The page just leads to a sign up to be kept in the loop… but we hear it should be launched late Q1 early Q2. It states “Our 3G+ latest-generation wireless network is coming up fast. Many details will be shared with you in the coming months, at your Customer Centre”. Very exciting as any progress is a good sign.

More here at Videotron

  • joe

    I hope they sign a 3G roaming or network share agreement with WIND or DAVE Wireless. My Canada includes Quebec, but Videotron bought up all the spectrum. I think Quebecers would like to have 3G too when they travel, so it would be a win-win.

    Their 30Mhz of spectrum in Quebec is very significant and could allow them to do crazy things like video on demand. I’m sure they have room for 3G roamers.

  • toyandme

    “I hope they sign a 3G roaming or network share agreement with WIND or DAVE Wireless.”

    Don’t know about DAVE, but WIND has nothing outside a couple of cities (T.O. and Calgary). For the rest of the country they have an expensive roaming agreement with Rogers, which has poor to mediocre coverage down east, out west and up north.

  • Sam A

    It would be sweet if Videotron’s contracts went the way of WIND 🙂

  • Colin

    They promise on their FAQ that there will be no hidden fees. Currently they are STILL charging the $6.95 network access fee + $0.75 911 fee. And their plans are already expensive. (50 minutes for $20 if you have 1 other service!) Also their customer service needs a lot of work. How I wish WIND could have launched in Quebec!