Rogers & Fido extend tethering promo until May 3rd

Rogers sent over an e-mail over stating that the Rogers and Fido tethering promo that was announced last summer has been extended. This is good news as the original expiry date was set for December 31st. Nothing is on the Rogers or Fido site yet but the details are as follows:

“The current promotion, originally set to expire December 31, provides tethering at no extra charge to those with a data plan/add-on of 1 GB or more with a compatible device. Data charges for tethering are deducted from the customer’s current data plan bucket. This promotion has been extended for all existing customers until May 3, 2010. Customers who are currently eligible to use tethering can continue to do so at no extra charge until the promotion’s end date.”

Also, the very last sentence in our e-mail was that “Please note that this promotion is subject to change”. It could mean it’s subject to change at any time, for the better, for the worse or eventually just become standard in the monthly plans??

More soon!
(Thanks Miranda!)