Rogers & Fido extend tethering promo until May 3rd


  • Adi

    How exactly is this a promotion ?! If i pay for my data, i can use it however i want. There’s a jailbreak app for that in case they refuse to allow my iPhone to do it.


  • @matahtak

    How can they tell if you tether? I’m on an unlocked Nokia that can do it.

  • Tom

    Yes, they can tell if you are tethering. There are many carriers that charge for tethering.

    I assume that the reason that Rogers backed off on this is because WIND announced that they would not charge for tethering. It’s nice to finally have some competition in the Canadian wireless market.

    What about Bell and Telus? Do they charge for tethering?

  • Leetneo

    No Tom u don’t on bell or telus.

  • outinthornhill

    My guess would be that Rogers wanted to see how the other carriers responded and what the newcomers would offer. Telus is permitting tethering, WIND is out the door with tethering, not sure what Bell is doing, DAVE has yet to announce, Public will be voice only. Seems likely that Rogers will make tethering a part of its regular data plans, once it figures out how much to charge n a go-forward basis.

    As said above, I agree it shouldn’t matter how one uses the data one is paying for.

  • Joe

    What happens after May 3rd? New iPhone?

  • ricardo

    ———> Is Because WIND has Unlimited Data plans, and TETHERING IS FREE! On Any phone they carry!

  • toyandme

    tethering IS included with the half gig and 1 gig Bell plans. It sounds like they finally understand that a pound of feathers is not lighter than a pound of lead. This competition thing might be going somewhere.

  • Alexonmac

    I never realized that tethering was only promotionally free! WTF. On a 6 gig Rogers iPhone plan @30$ they better not start charging!

  • Pizzabox

    WTF, I’ll cancel my data plan because tethering is why I use my iPhone. Give me a break!

  • Frank

    Go ahead Rogers, I dare you to charge me after may 3rd. my bill is alread around the $100 mark per month. Add one cent to my bill for data, that I’m already paying for, tethering or otherwise, and I’ll give my money to one of the other companies, no problem.

  • Adam

    I’m a little confused by this promotion.
    Does this mean that after May 3rd someone with free tethering will then have to start paying for it, or does it just mean that after May 3rd, anyone that wants tethering that didn’t already have it, has to add it to their plan for an extra cost per month, and those that got tethering during the promotion period receive no change to their monthly bill?

    I hope its the latter.

  • Keith V.

    @ Tom Dec 22, 2009

    I don’t see how they can tell you are tethering unless they closely examine your data usage.

    Even then the only thing I could see that would initiate such an examination is excessive usage.

    I am pretty sure that reasonable tehtering with a laptop can go unnoticed. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Adam

    So I just got a text message from Fido about 2 minutes ago that said on May 4th, 2010, tethering will be included at no extra charge on my phone plan. This clears up my confusion from my post above.