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Sony Xperia M2 hands-on (video)


Sony has another smartphone launching in Canada this quarter, and while it doesn’t have the spec sheet or design advancements of its Z2 sibling, the Xperia M2 is a decent entry-level product that will be sure to engage some price-conscious smartphone buyers.

A successor to the 4-inch Xperia M, the M2 sports a much larger screen with a slightly higher resolution, but the main improvements are in the camera and battery life. We had a chance to play with this well-constructed product, and came away impressed. The quad-core Snapdragon 400 SoC and 1GB of RAM were enough to keep Android 4.3 Jelly Bean chugging along nicely, and Sony promises further improvements to performance with an update to KitKat later this year.

The M2 also comes with 8GB of internal storage, a 2,300mAh battery, and LTE connectivity, another big upgrade from the original Xperia M. (more…)


Samsung Galaxy S5 gets its first post-release update


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has only been on sale for about a week, but the company has already issued its first update.

Still based on Android 4.4.2, build G900W8VLU1AND is a 28MB update that offers “improved performance,” which is the most generic of changelogs we’ve seen. The build was created on April 11th, as opposed to March 10th for the shipping versions of the device, so expect quite a few bug fixes and other nips and tucks along the seams of TouchWIZ. We received it on our Rogers-locked demo units, but it should be available to all carrier-sold Galaxy S5′s.

If you notice any specific changes to the OS, let us know in the comments.


Belkin beefs up its WeMo app with improvements to Light Switch


Belkin has updated its WeMo app with lots of new features for its excellent Light Switch module as the company expands its reach into the blossoming home automation industry. What started as a lone baby monitor has expanded into a line of smartphone-operated smart plugs, motion detectors, light switches and, launching this summer, smart light bulbs.

The updated WeMo app, available today for iOS and Android, adds a bunch of cool features to the Light Switch, the best of which appears to be long-pressing the light to trigger an IFTTT action.



Windows Phone developers can now respond to app reviews


Microsoft launched its pilot program this week, first announced at BUILD, which allows Windows Phone developers the ability to respond to app reviews. The pilot program contains a small group of pre-selected developers, and is currently only US-only, although Microsoft will slowly expand the program each month to new developers prioritized by app download volume.

Developers in the program will be able to respond to reviews posted from Windows 8.X devices, triggering a notification email to the reviewer. The reviewer then has the option to respond or update their review. They can also opt out of future notifications, or even report developers abusing the feature. Microsoft has been explicit that the tool is not to be used for marketing, but rather for gathering feedback and updating users on new features and bug fixes.

As with any communication system related to tech reviews, Microsoft’s initiative has the potential to be both a giant boon to developers or a flaming clustercuss.


LG G2 placed on Bell’s ‘End of Life’ list as hints of a summer G3 announcement surface


This screenshot could significantly bring truth to the rumours of LG launching the G3 soon. According to this internal doc, courtesy of Bell, the current LG G2 flagship has been placed on the “End of Life” list. This usually means that the current stock is being depleted and “no longer available for ordering.” Bell is requesting staff shift prospective buyers towards the Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or for some reason the Galaxy S4 mini.

The Verge recently reported that stated the LG G3 is slated to be available sometime this summer and will sport an impressive 2560 x 1440 screen resolution.

(Thanks tipster!)


Contest: Win a TELUS Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Gear Fit!


This is it! You’re chance to win a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Gear Fit, courtesy of TELUS!

This new LTE-enabled flagship runs the latest version of Android (OS 4.4.2 KitKat), has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display (1920×1080, 432ppi), 2.5 Ghz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, built-in heart rate monitor, 16MP camera with a 2MP front-facing camera, 2800 mAh battery and is also waterproof and dust resistant.

In addition, TELUS has also thrown in the new Gear Fit smartwatch and their one of their glorious critters for good measure.

How do you win? Easy! Just leave a comment below on why you’d love to have the GS5 on TELUS. The contest closes on April 30th and we’ll pick the winner at random. (more…)


RunKeeper Breeze is an iPhone 5s step-counting app with brains and beauty


RunKeeper is already one of the best ways to track your more vigorous cardiovascular activity, but for those who merely want to count their steps the company has launched Breeze, a delightful and simple app that plugs into the data gathered from the iPhone 5s’ M7 chip.

Like the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 5s has a chip dedicated to collecting and making available activity data for apps such as Breeze. Without collecting location data, the M7 offers developers the last seven days of activity. Of course, once you open the app and begin using it, Breeze accumulates as many days as you would like it to.

While it’s not a replacement for the dedicated RunKeeper app, Breeze quickly allows iPhone 5s users to track and compare light activity levels — those times that aren’t explicitly dedicated to running, walking, cycling or other forms of exercise — over time.



Mobilicity proposes TELUS acquire its assets for $350 million


Looks like those rumours of TELUS attempting to once again acquire Mobilicity for $350 million were true.

Mobilicity is currently under court protection from its creditors and has been seeking a buyer since last September. The struggling carrier recently auctioned off its spectrum and subscriber base and according to a press release a total of “six organizations submitted participating materials and five bids were received.” Mobilicity and its Chief Restructuring Officer William Aziz declared that after looking through potential bids, TELUS’ offer was the only one “determined to be an acceptable transaction.”



Pioneer wants to put CarPlay in your car

Pioneer CarPlay

Pioneer Electronics announced today a new aftermarket in-dash multimedia system for consumers that want to pimp their ride with Apple’s recently announced (and QNX powered) CarPlay. CarPlay heavily integrates with Siri to allow iOS 7 iPhone users to make and receive calls, use Maps, listen to music, and access messages with just a word or a touch of their dash. While CarPlay will be rolling out later this year in 2014 models from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, and others, Pioneer’s system allows motorists a CarPlay experience without the need to purchase a new vehicle.

Pioneer is offering five different NEX in-dash multimedia receiver options, ranging from $750 to $1500 SRP, which are currently available at authorized Pioneer dealers across Canada. Pioneer will provide CarPlay compatibility to the receivers via a firmware update later this summer.