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#BellLetsTalk Day is today

Today is Bell’s annual Let’s Talk Day, a charitable strategy to reduce the stigma around mental health. Since 2010, Let’s Talk has raised $67,515,875 and last year saw a record $5,472,585.90….

Apple has shipped a billion iOS devices

Apple announced its Q1 2015 results earlier today. The numbers came in at $74.6 billion in revenue, with shipments of 74.5 million iPhones. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated on the conference…

Qmote is a smart remote for your phone

Following two unsuccessful Kickstarter campaigns, California-based Qblinks is back with a sort of new idea. Dubbed Qmote, this new project is a remote that is capable of controlling or triggering…

Tim Cook says Apple Watch will ship in April

Apple just released some astonishing Q1 financial numbers today, showing record iPhone sales and revenue. But wearables fans may be more interested in this tidbit of news. On conference call…

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