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Tesla Command lets you control your Model S from your Android Wear watch


Android Wear is still in its infancy. It’s relatively new, and there isn’t really a ton of apps available for the platform right now. There also isn’t very many Android Wear devices. As time goes on, all that will change. For now, almost every new app is exciting for users. Even if all it does is turn your phone’s WiFi hotspot on and off.

Today’s exciting Android Wear app comes from the folks over at Toronto’s BNotions. They’ve made an app that will allow you to control certain functions of your Tesla Model S, like opening and closing the sunroof, or beeping the horn, right from your watch. You can also lock and unlock the car.

You do have to launch the app on your watch before you can do any of this stuff. That doesn’t seem to take too long, though it’s hard to tell given they cut the wait time out of the video (either that or the watch didn’t understand the command on the first take, and they cut that out). If it does take a while then this has the potential to be like waiting for your Uber while empty cabs whizz past. Why rely on technology when the old fashioned way is quicker?

Still, it’s a pretty cool example of what developers are doing with Android Wear. Now we just have to figure out which car in our Tesla Model S fleet will be the test subject for this app.


Google’s Play Store has a new section for games that don’t require data


Google has tweaked its Play Store categories this week, adding a whole new section for games that can be played offline or without a data connection. Though there are probably countless games that can be played while you’re off the grid.

This new offline games section section has just 54 titles for now, including the highly popular Dots and as well as Freeze, Dumb Ways to Die, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Minecraft. The majority of these games are also free, with just eight of them costing money. None of the paid games are priced over $5.

Not only is this useful for when you find yourself without data or WiFi (say, for example, if you take the subway with any sort of regularity), but it’s also going to be extremely useful for parents with kids that love to play mobile games, and people with a limited amount of data each month.



All arms on deck: hands-on with the production-ready Myo Gesture band


Thalmic Lab’s Myo is one of the most anticipated wearables of the year. The armband has set some hefty expectations of making “Minority Report-style” arm gesture experiences a reality. The time has finally come to see if the Kitchener startup can deliver as they begin to ship the production units of Myo out to the developer community by the end of the month. We visited Thalmic in their swanky new office on Charles Street to get a hands-on demo to see if this wearable is worthy of all the hype.

The quick answer is yes, it sure is. But there are still some tweaks to work out before the device hits the market. (more…)


Motorola X+1 features larger display, dual flashes, and aluminum frame

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.57.00 AM

Motorola’s current flagship smartphone is the Moto X, which was released last summer. The fact that it’s almost a year old puts it at a distinct disadvantage compared to competing flagship smartphones. The fact that it’s underpowered compared to the competition and has to sell alongside the oh-so-reasonable-in-every-way Moto G makes things even more difficult. That could all change in a matter of weeks, though. Information about a new Motorola flagship has just hit the web and it sounds like it will be arriving sooner rather than later. (more…)


Sony Xperia Z3 leak reveals phone that is almost identical to the Z2


Sony’s Xperia Z2 has only been available for a few months but already we’ve seen pictures of what purports to be the next flagship smartphone from Sony. The imaginatively named Z3 was first spotted about a fortnight ago, when photos of the device cropped up on Weibo. Now, noted leaker @evleaks has tossed out a couple more photos of the phone as well as some specs. (more…)


BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 tipped to have a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 3GB RAM


Many BlackBerry enthusiasts are waiting until September or November for the Passport and Classic to be released. But those that want a bit more class and have a few extra bucks laying around may want to hold off until December. According to N4BB, BlackBerry and Porsche Design are coming back to market with the P’9983, a successor to the P’9982 and P’9981.

If you recall, the Porsche Design BlackBerry devices are priced around $2,000 each, made of stainless steel, wrapped in handmade Italian leather and sport special edition PINs.

For the upcoming Porsche Design P’9983, the codename is ‘Khan’, and will reportedly include a 3.5-inch display, 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 64GB storage, 3GB RAM, and likely run a customized version of BlackBerry 10 (currently testing OS In addition, similar to previous Porsche Design BlackBerry devices, the P’9983 will have the trackpad and ‘belt’ with navigation keys and made from carbon and steel.

Source: N4BB


Razer Nabu smartband could allow exchange of contact info via high-five


Razer’s smartband is supposed to offer more than just the usual notifications and fitness monitoring functionality. The company wants the Nabu to be capable of more and it wants the device to be better looking than the smartwatches and smartbands already on the market.

We’ve seen a ton of pictures of the Nabu. We even saw it in real life at CES (though it was inside a plastic case). We know it’s a good looking device. What we don’t know is what the device is capable of beyond the regular features we’ve come to expect from smartbands (like counting steps and showing notifications). Razer shed a bit more light on things this week when it revealed that the Nabu would have integrated support for WeChat. (more…)


Coveted 416 area codes being sold for hundreds of dollars


Back in 2012, the CRTC forecasted that the coveted 416 Toronto area code would be depleted by July 2015. To combat this they came out with 647 and, years later, 437. In addition, area code 387 was also set aside is to be set aside for future relief.

Glen Brown, project manager with the Canadian Numbering Association, says, “It’s conceivable you could get a 416 number; it’s probably difficult. It would be almost like old currency; it’s theoretically possible to pick up an old nickel or dime or quarter in your change, but the likelihood is greatly diminished,” said Brown. (more…)


PUSH ships at the end of July, gyms will never be the same

push strength-mobilesyrup6

Get ready to pump some iron in a much smarter way. PUSH, the first wearable tech band to measure strength, is preparing to ship to backers pre-orderers by July 31st. We met up with the PUSH co-founder and CEO Rami Alhamad, and Sports Scientist Matt Kuzdub at a local gym in Toronto to get our hands on the final production unit and see it in action. (more…)


Visa just made it easier for the next iPhone to become a payment platform


Visa today announced a consolidation of its disparate payments solutions into Visa Digital Solutions, a suite of products, services and developer tools aimed at bringing payments to smartphones and wearables.

Last week, the company launched Checkout, a multi-screen solution for online payments. But omitted from that announcement was an explanation of how Visa plans to tackle the next generation of physical payments, which is made more complicated by the tenuous relationship between merchants, acquirers, financial institutions, government bodies and Visa itself.

As detailed in a release today, Visa Digital Solution tackles the problem of future payments into categories: support for new payment methods; and next-generation consumer protection measures. (more…)