Threads is testing tags in Australia with more countries coming soon

Hopefully, Canada will be among one of the upcoming countries

Meta’s X (formerly Twitter) copy, Threads, is now testing tags in Australia, with more countries on the way, according to a post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the platform.

You’ll mark your tags by placing a hashtag before the word and the hash will get removed and display the text in blue, similar to Facebook. To look for other tags, you need to navigate to the search bar, type the hashtag and the keyword, and then see all the relevant posts.

You can only have a single tag in a post to avoid spamming.

Threads recently added an edit button, and unlike X, the feature is free. The edit button doesn’t include an edit history on posts, and users have five minutes to make changes.

Threads has also rolled out voice posts and hit more than 100 million users. 

Source: @Zuck Via: Engadget