Virgin Plus replaces two 5G plans with one $55/50GB option

The $55/mo 30GB and $65/mo plan 60GB plans are no longer available

Bell-owned Virgin Plus has swapped out the two 5G plans it offered for one that attempts to offer the best of both.

Virgin previously offered a $55/mo plan with 30GB of data and a $65/mo plan with 60GB of data (after $10/mo bill credits). Now, the provider has one $55/mo plan with 50GB of data.

The plan still has a $10/mo bill credit attached, which means the true price is $65/mo. However, customers can enjoy the discounted price for two years.

Virgin’s $55/50GB plan as of September 12th.

Beyond that, the plan offers data at “5G network access speeds of up to 250Mbps,” followed by unlimited use at reduced speeds of up to 256Kbps. The plan also includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting and unlimited international texting from Canada. Additionally, Virgin caps video streaming over data at 480p quality.

While reduced choice is never good, in this case, Virgin is offering more data for less. That said, it’d be great to see the provider offer a lower-cost 5G option in the future.

You can check out the plan here.