Samsung rumoured to unveil Galaxy Ring at S24 launch event

The Ring will reportedly monitor health, fitness and sleep

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Samsung’s long-waited Galaxy Ring seems to be making an appearance early next year and might upstage the Galaxy S24 at its event.

Ice Universe on Weibo has led many to believe that the Smart Ring will be launched alongside the S24 series.

Unfortunately, the well-known leaker doesn’t say much else about the upcoming device.

From previous leaks, the wearable will reportedly be equipped with sensors that can collect the wearer’s health data and send it to your smartphone, similar to the Oura Ring.

Another leaked patent indicates that the Galaxy Ring will be used for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness and sleep-related information.

It seems like Samsung wants to take a page from Oura’s book. However, it’s interesting that Ice Universe talks so highly of the ring, given its limited features.

The South Korean company also patented the Galaxy Glasses, which comprises virtual reality headsets, augmented reality headsets, headphones, smartphones and smart glasses. This could potentially be Samsung’s answer to the Apple Vision Pro and definitely a lot more interesting than the Galaxy Ring.

However, it’s unclear when (or if) the Galaxy Glasses will come to fruition.

Source: SamMobile