Google ad pokes fun at iPhone’s upcoming USB-C adoption

The iPhone and the Pixel head to a spa ahead of the fall launch events

Back in June, Google rolled out a series of ads dubbed ‘#BestPhonesForever’ that imagined the Pixel and iPhone in a friends-to-lovers relationship.

Now, the company is back with another entry in the campaign that pokes fun at the iPhone’s upcoming USB-C adoption.

In the ad, an iPhone (presumably a 14 Pro or Pro Max, judging by the camera layout) and a Pixel 7 Pro are relaxing at a spa ahead of all the “big launch events” coming up. Humorously, both phones have cucumber slices over their cameras, which slowly slide down throughout the ad.

The iPhone remarks that launches “just keep getting harder,” pointing out that at the first iPhone launch, there was applause for the slide-to-unlock feature. Then the iPhone says, “phones like you are doing stuff I can’t,” and lists several Pixel features like photo unblur, Call Screen and more.

However, the iPhone says it still has a “few tricks” and hints it’ll be getting USB-C charging, to which the Pixel phone says, “You’re finally getting USB-C charging?”

The iPhone, surprised, asks the Pixel how it knows. The Pixel responds sarcastically, “Lucky guess?”

The ad then cuts to a clip of the Pixel turning slowly, then ends with “Rest up for October 4,” referencing Google’s upcoming Pixel event where it’s expected to unveil the Pixel 8 series, a new Pixel Watch, and possibly more.

Meanwhile, Apple is set to unveil the new iPhone 15 lineup on September 12th at its ‘Wonderlust’ event. The iPhone 15 series is widely expected to replace the Lightning port, added with the iPhone 5, with USB-C. Though Apple will likely try to sell the Lightning-to-USB transition as one done for consumer benefit, the real reason for the change is to comply with new EU regulations forcing tech companies to adopt a single charging standard — USB-C.

Source: Google Via: MacRumors