Kia describes new EV5 compact SUV as “an additional room” for your home

We'll learn more about the upcoming EV in October

The EV5 compact SUV from Kia was presented this week at the Chengdu Motor Show in China. This model was first shown at Kia’S Chinese EV Day in March, and will launch during the “latter half of 2023, initially in China,” according to a press release.

It’s a small SUV marketed towards millennial families. The exterior design features sharp lines and Kia’s recognizable “tiger face.” Internally, it includes updated heating and cockpit controls, lighting with adjustable brightness, shades and colours, and five-seat pattern options.

Kia’s EV9, launched earlier this year, is a larger model with three rows of seats. Though the EV5 is smaller with only two rows of seats, Kia said it drew “additional inspiration” from the EV9 to give the EV5 “an extensive interior space that is closer in concept and execution to a home lounge than a traditional car cabin.”

“Research by Kida has revealed that millennial households now regard the interior of their EV SUV not just as a place to sit safely and comfortably when travelling from A to B, but as an additional ‘room’ to live their life in,” the release said.

Kia is not the first car company to frame its vehicle as an extension of your home. Hyundai called the Ioniq 6 EV a “personal mobile studio,” and released an ad featuring the backseat of the Ioniq 5 featuring a table with a computer and coffee sitting on it.

This new Kia EV5 compact SUV will have to compete with Hyundai’s line of EVs, including the recently released Ioniq 5. You can read our in-depth look at the Ioniq 5 SUV here, and our hands-on with the Ioniq 6 here.

In its press release, Kia says it will reveal more information about the EV5 at Kia EV Day in October.

Image Credit: Kia

Source: Kia Via: Tesla North