Handwriting recognition is coming to Google’s Pixel Tablet

Google may release the feature with the stable Android 14 release

Google’s Pixel Tablet supports USI 2.0 styli, which means you can use any stylus pen for Chromebooks and Android tablets to write or draw on its screen. However, Google is not stopping there.

The Mountain View, California-based company is reportedly working on a new feature that will make writing on the Pixel Tablet even more convenient with handwriting recognition.

As shared by Mishaal Rahman, via AndroidPolice, Android 14 will natively support stylus input, and with the Pixel Tablet, when connecting a stylus, you’ll be presented with an option to select a “default notes app” and “write in text fields.”

Tapping the “write in text fields” option would open a new Gboard stylus handwriting setting. The tool will let you customize the writing speed and the stroke width, and also teach you how to use gestures for text deletion, selection, adding a new line, and more.

The feature would work similarly to Samsung’s Handwriting mode, or Apple’s Scribble feature for the iPad with the Pencil, essentially allowing you to write in your handwriting and have it converted to typed text that can be read by any app.

Google may release the feature with the stable Android 14 release or wait until the next Pixel Drop. Rahmaan also speculates that Google might release a first-party stylus & keyboard accessory for the Pixel Tablet later this year.

Check out some screenshots of the feature below:

Image credit: Mishaal Rahman

Source: Mishaal Rahman, via: AndroidPolice