Red Dead Redemption is being ported to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Get ready for a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy shootin’ time on the Switch and PlayStation 4

Rockstar Games is bringing Red Dead Redemption to the Switch and porting the game to the PlayStation 4 on August 17th.

Following rumours that Rockstar Games was working on something related to Red Dead Redemption, a proper port has now been confirmed. Double Eleven Studios is working with Rockstar Games to port the base game alongside the acclaimed Undead Nightmare DLC to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with PlayStation 5 backward compatibility support.

To be clear, this is a straight port rather than a remaster or a remake. Rockstar Games hasn’t clarified whether improved textures or performance will be included in this version of the game. The game will arrive digitally on Nintendo Switch eShop and PlayStation Store initially. Physical versions of the game are due to arrive on October 13th.

Red Dead Redemption first launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 18th, 2010. The game has you step into the shoes of former outlaw John Marston, and takes place in the year 1911 as Marston is tasked with bringing three of his former gang members to justice. Undead Nightmare is a standalone experience set in an alternate timeline where a zombie plague threatens the wild west.

This will be the first time Nintendo players have access to Red Dead Redemption. Due to the PlayStation 3’s Cell CPU architecture, the game has yet to be playable on PlayStation 4. There is no Xbox version because Xbox consoles already support backward compatibility for the original Xbox 360 version. Currently, PC players are being left to the wind like a tumbleweed. Rockstar Games hasn’t indicated whether a PC launch would arrive down the line.

Red Dead Redemption launches on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for $64.99.

Image credit: Rockstar Games

Source: Rockstar Games