Twitter rebrands its monetized content program to ‘subscriptions’

The program is still largely the same as when it was originally introduced in 2021


Elon Musk has rebranded ‘Super Follows’ to ‘Subscriptions.’

Twitter’s previous leadership introduced Super Follows in 2021, allowing users to monetize their tweets and give subscribers access to special Spaces. According to Musk, users can share content through long-form videos or text.

The Verge also points out newsletters could be a potential additional feature available through Subscriptions. The move comes after Twitter restricted link sharing on Substack after the company announced Notes, a Twitter-like feature that allows users to publish short posts.

Musk claims Twitter won’t keep any of the money it makes from the program for the first year, but will when iOS and Android fees drop.

“You will receive whatever money we receive, so that’s 70 percent for subscriptions on iOS & Android (they charge 30 percent) and ~92 percent on web (could be better, depending on payment processor),” Musk tweeted.

According to Engadget, the rebrand hasn’t changed many of the program’s details. However, it’s important to note Canadians can’t currently monitize their content.

Subscriptions is only available to those in the U.S., according to Musk, who said he’s “working on” expanding availability.

Via: The Verge, Engadget