Cyberattack pushes Hydro-Québec’s website and mobile app offline

Pro-Russian group 'NoName057 (16)' has taken responsibility

Hydro-Québec’s website and mobile application are down after an early morning cyberattack on April 13th.

More than 12 hours have since passed, and it’s unclear how close the company is to recovering operations.

“The website was targeted by a ‘denial of service’ cyberattack,” the company tweeted Thursday morning. This sees bad actors disrupt an internet server by overwhelming it with traffic.

“It did not affect our production, transmission and distribution of electricity,” a company spokesperson said, according to reporting from The Canadian Press.

Pro-Russian group NoName057 (16) has taken responsibility for the attack, but Hydro-Québec hasn’t confirmed the information.

CTV News reports the group shared a message in Russian through an online post, stating, “the website of Hydro-Québec, the company responsible for generating and transporting electricity in Quebec, was put down.”

Hydro-Québec says its first focus is to get its applications running again. “We will put our focus on getting everything back to normal, and then we will make our inquiries,” the spokesperson said.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Hydro-Québec Via: The Canadian Press, CTV News